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Educating Your Sims - MissyHissy - 07-25-2019

Right, I'm all for nerdy discussions. Anyone who's known me for a while will know this. One that's uppermost in my mind at the moment is education for your sims. How you do go about making sure your sims can get those top jobs?

I've made this available for all games because in honesty, I've gathered inspiration for my Sims 3 education plans by reading Sims 2 blogs. So I think that people's ideas, no matter which game they're for, can inspire anyone. These ideas of mine are aimed for Sims 3 but theoretically could be used for any generation of the game.

Primary Education

I've always operated with a British education system, since I'm English. My sim-children start school at the age of five and are split into 3 classes, with years 1-6 in the school:
Class One ~ Years 1 and 2 (children are aged between 5 and 7)
Class Two ~ Years 3 and 4 (children are aged between 7 and 9)
Class Three ~ Years 5 and 6 (children are aged between 9 and 11)

There won't be any exams, since the primary level is all about making friends, building skills and developing hobbies. This will be used largely with Afterschool Activities which I'll assign, depending upon their current traits. So for example, children with the Genius trait will probably go to Chess Club; those with the Artistic trait will go to Art club and so on. I also intend to use the filter system with GoHere and Master Controller to organise outings for individual clubs, making use of inventory items and club cards. With this system, children should be able to make friends with other children with similar interests and hobbies.

Secondary Education

Again, I operate under a British systems, so Sims start secondary school after they turn 11. This school is split into four classes, with years 7-13 in the school:
Class One ~ Years 7 and 8 (teens are aged between 11 and 13)
Class Two ~ Year 9 (teens are aged between 13 and 14)
Class Three ~ Years 10 and 11 (teens are aged between 14 and 16)
Class Four ~ Years 12 and 13 (teens are aged between 16 and 18)

My system will have two lots of exams for the students. The first, in Year 11, is the GCSE exam. Sims who don't pass the GCSE exam will not be able to study A Levels in Years 12 and 13 and will have to finish school there and then. I'm contemplating creating some custom schools to act in a similar fashion to Apprenticeships, making these full-time and would be available for teens who don't pass the GCSEs.
If Sims do pass the GCSE exams, they go on to study their A Levels and therefore enter Year 12, the first year of their Sixth Form education. This leads me onto their second set of exams which occur in Year 13, to determine University.

As yet, the handling of exams isn't final. I'm thinking I'll probably use a combination of skills to set grades for exams in certain subjects but that's not definite yet. Any thoughts are welcome, of course.

School Trips

I don't actually use the field trip system from generations since I often find it causes problems with the afterschool activities. Since I use those a lot, I go without the field trips. However I will set up some trips myself and work them manually, possibly in conjunction wit the Ultimate Careers mod. Who knows?

University Education
I'll kick us off with a University system. As some of you might know, I've been working on developing a system that deviates from EA's system. The idea was originally based on an idea by RoocheySims to have degree-style careers to simulate a university experience. I'm developing on that by creating a series of Uni-based opportunities for earning money.

The 'degree' careers vary from Bachelor Degrees, to Masters, to PhDs. They're worked by each level representing a year in academic time. Each degree has a handful of opportunities to encourage students to develop their studies.

So, what about you?  MG_76

RE: Educating Your Sims - MissyHissy - 07-25-2019

I've put together a small list of blogs I've found inspirational for education and, ultimately, career gameplay. Some of these are Sims 2, some are Sims 3. Any others that you know that have inspired you can be added here, hopefully to inspire others!

The Master List

- [TS2] Behind the Scenes of Apple Valley ~ The link takes you to the tag for Education on the blog. There are 9 posts there, detailing how the Education in the town works, going from primary level right up to obtaining an advanced degree. There's a lot of inspiration to be had there!
- [TS2] Sullivan Sims ~ This link takes you to the Education System page. Once again, this covers primary level all the way up to degree level and even includes some Adult education, which gets the brain box ticking! There's also separate posts for Getting Into University, Community Lot Schools (aimed more for Sims 2 players, although who knows if using the Ultimate Careers mod could give a similar effect?) and Expanded Scholarships. Each of these could easily be adapted for Sims 3 and even Sims 4, with some creativity.
- [TS2] Lakeside Heights ~ This link takes you to a page on the University system being used for the town. Definitely worth a look, since it covers acceptance into the university, courses, work placements, scholarships and grants etc. Definitely doable ideas for later generations.
- [TS2] Laurel Crossing ~ This link takes you to a page on the curriculum for Laurel Crossing, with a link to a spreadsheet. There's also a link for the tag for Education on the blog. Once again, these links are largely for University level but it's certainly helpful and can be used in later generations.

- [TS3] Sandy Valley ~ Sandy's one of my favourite nerds in the Sims 3 community. This link takes you to her page and explanation on her education system in Sandy Valley. This incorporates ideas from pre-schools all the way up to degree level. So this is definitely worth looking at!
- [TS3] Bimlico ~ Not as elaborate but this gives a lovely starting point and things for you to think about when setting up an education system of your own.
- [TS3] Honeycomb Valley ~ This link takes you to the page for Education in Honeycomb Valley. Another one that takes you from primary level up to University, so worth a good look for inspirational ideas. There are also some PDF files for the University system that are well worth a look.
- [TS3] Simple Minded Sims ~ This link takes you to a page all about changing the University system. She gives instructions on setting up a homeworld University but without EA's degrees, so this is definitely worth a read. 
- [TS3] Snow's Haven ~ This link will take you to a great explanation on using skills for educations. There are also some other links for education including University on the side menu.

- [TS4] Postcards From Sierra Nova ~ This is a good example from Sims 4. The links covers education from primary to secondary level and the education is expanded into University Gameplay with notes on degrees and how to operate a 'fake' university in Sims 4.

I'll keep this post up to date if I find other blogs with detailed education systems. D_Pocket_PC

RE: Educating Your Sims - Norn - 07-25-2019

That's super interesting, thank you! I'm not a very active player so I don't have much to contribute, using mostly the imaginary school system NRAAS provides. What I wonder in such setups is how to keep the groups apart. How do you seperate classes in primary school, for example? Do you keep lists on all families? And how long are your age spans for children and teens?

RE: Educating Your Sims - MissyHissy - 07-25-2019

Mostly with lists on the families. I make note of which Year and which Class each child/teen is in. Aside from that, it's usually relevant for school trips, where I'll probably use something like Portrait Panel to select which children I want, and ageing up.
I actually keep ageing turned off, so I age up the little angels when I'm ready to do so.

RE: Educating Your Sims - Hellfrozeover - 07-25-2019

Your education system is really well thought out! My primary school levels are similar, but I only play two secondary school classes due to population size Smile

RE: Educating Your Sims - kittythesnowcat - 07-26-2019

Wow this is the kind of Thread I love <3
I use custom schools to educate my children, they all attend my boarding school in Aurora Snows.
I tried dividing skills inot basic skills which all Sims should have like Logic and certain amounts of handiness, cooking and gardening and advanced skills like nectar making (which I use to make medicine see my playable doctors post here: https://snowshaven.space/playing-a-doctor/, inventing and Science.
I wrote a very jumbled explanation ( I am not a good writer) on my website here: https://snowshaven.space/elementary-school/
Can't wait to check out the other systems you linked.
I use Zerbus Lot Events Mod for afterschool acitivities (I hate rabbitholes and don't use them). So far I have ballet and Scouting set up, but I am planning on having a Martial Arts Club and a Science Club.

RE: Educating Your Sims - MissyHissy - 07-27-2019

Thanks for the link, Snow! I've added your site to the master list.
How do you set up the Lot Events mod for the activities? I've been thinking of doing something with that one but I wouldn't know where to start. So how does that work out?

RE: Educating Your Sims - kittythesnowcat - 07-27-2019

Well the Lot Events really only make the Sims go to the Lot at the right time. And if you want you can change the objects available like Festivals work too. So you could set it so when the Art club is in session there are Easels everywhere and when the Martial ARts Club has it's turn There are Martial Arts props.
I actually use special lots just for the activities. I have a ballet studio where I sent the children that do ballet ones a week, I also have the front door locked with Go Here to certain Traits I found fitting of ballet in contrast to the normal gym.
I threw together a few pictures for you: https://snowshaven.space/afterschool-acitivities/

If anyone wants my custom schools let me know. Schools sadly can't have more than one level so all my grades are different schools all together that i set via MasterController.
That does not make sense for anyone who plays at a normal EA pace, but for people who play more slow like me it should be usuable. And it should now also have all the Strings... (I hate Strings I played with Nraas Unhashed Keys for half a year to not have to write them^^)

Basically I use my custom schools as a todo system when I play them. When they mastered one grade i set them to the next one. The grade they are at at the end of the school year counts.

RE: Educating Your Sims - foxyroxysmile - 07-28-2019

I really love this style of play Kitty! I'm a long time Sims player and I usually just breeze through my sims lives. In the past year or two I've been inspired by so many simmers that take a very slow approach to the game. I've been incorporating that into my playthroughs. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to try. I love when I can add my nerdy structure into the game itself so that I have less I need to manually keep track of. I really like the idea of these school careers with grades. I'd love to see if they work for my playstyle. Also I'm loving your posts on your site! I really need to try your hospital and doctor setup too!  Currently I've been experimenting with having separate schools for my primary and secondary students. I also age them up in the July after they reach a new age stage so that they all move together into teenagehood and young adulthood. I hadn't figured out a good way to give them grades or requirements besides manually jotting down some required skill gain. I've been toying with the idea of using Zerbu's mod for opening up my schools because I think that will be fun to try again. And with your school grades/levels idea I think it could work well. Thanks!

I'm also trying to get more involved with the community of people who still play TS3. Tumblr seems to be the place to do that, but are there any other places you guys recommend? (Sorry to ask if it's not appropriate in this thread!)

RE: Educating Your Sims - MissyHissy - 07-29-2019

Snow, thank you for that! The Lot Events is perfect for that! The mind boggles with ideas  Idea 
Foxyroxysmile, hi there! Welcome to the forum! Lovely to hear you're interested in nerdy details. Hi Off the top of my head, I can't think of anywhere else aside from Tumblr and here. Have you tried Discord? There's a few channels around there. Heart