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Silly things you do... - WebbyMom - 08-01-2018

Do you know what I just realized? Just now, after almost 4 whole years of Sims 4 being out and me doing this thing?

I have been keeping a save game called "Base World". You know, so I can load it, start a brand new sim out in their life in the "base" world(s) that come shipped with the game and EP's, and then "save as" whatever I need to save it as.

But all I need to do that is to create a new sim right off the bat and BOOM! They're in the base world! And I just figured that out last night!!!

Ooooooo, lawdy lawdy, I do wonder 'bout mah-self some dayz... Ignat_01 

(I also keep a save game called "Empty Base World", in which I have emptied each world of ALL their lots. But that makes a little more sense... Derisive  )

Has anyone else found that they've done crazy things with their game saves or how they set things up?

RE: Silly things you do... - Hellfrozeover - 08-01-2018

I have a world saved with all of the townies madeover and one with them all deleted. Either way, no EA sim is left alone.

RE: Silly things you do... - Tito - 09-26-2018

I have a 'starting save' similar to Alexes. One, where all the premades are made over, aswell as their houses and lots added. That's where I start from, whenever I need to start fresh.
Even though I lately have tried some madeover savegames, other people uploaded on tumblr. It's interesting, but it's not a 100% of what I feel what I need xD