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Bonjour ! - Margot - 08-01-2018

Hi !! I'm Margot, 24, French, and living in England for now (although it's summer holidays so I'm back to France).

I am a very late player. I started at TS3, around 2013 or 2014 I think. I never tried TS4 (but it might change since now there's seasons out...)

I'm very bad at building, or CASing. I mostly play my sims and love creating them backstory. I essentially share stories here ! Smile (and admire other members work)

I don't have a blog because I'm very lazy (and I don't like tumblr, too messy and complicated in my opinion).

I'll see you around !

RE: Bonjour ! - Hellfrozeover - 08-01-2018

Welcome back, Margot Smile I’m looking forward to seeing more from you and your sims Big Grin

RE: Bonjour ! - WebbyMom - 08-01-2018

Hello again, Margot! Bye

(Edit, because I forgot the flipping "t" in your name... Tongue )

RE: Bonjour ! - ATSSandy - 08-01-2018

Bonjour jolie Margot! Heart
Happy to meet you again, fellow frenchie! Kiss

(Edit: a butterfly kiss?)

RE: Bonjour ! - ninjaofthepurplethings - 08-01-2018

MARGOT! Lovely, Margot! Glad you are here! Heart

RE: Bonjour ! - Ktar - 08-01-2018

Hehe. I've only been playing since about... 2015? xD So you are not alone in being new to the game!

RE: Bonjour ! - Margot - 08-02-2018

Thank you everyone !!! Heart

Ktar, come in my arms, my new simmer comrade !! Big Grin

RE: Bonjour ! - Ktar - 08-02-2018

*chuckles* We will discover this new universe together! xD

RE: Bonjour ! - hafuhga - 08-04-2018

The first time I posted something of my own was in 2013  - before  I only asked für help in technical things in the oficial forumi (where I read then about  the life saving twallan's mods) ... and have never thought about posting something of my imagination! I only learned tu use CC  with TS4  and  never tryed poses  and there are so many other things I never did... some of them must wait till I retire because I still don`t know how to get the tieme to do the things I love to do!

RE: Bonjour ! - windermeresimblr - 08-04-2018

Ca va, Margot? (And, my apologies, that's the limit of my French.) I'm awful at building myself--but backstories are the BEST.