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Hi! - windermeresimblr - 08-03-2018

Hi, I'm sorry--I should have posted this a few hours ago.

I'm Marcie. I'm currently trying to play medieval-style--and get a legacy off the ground, if I can ever get around to it--and I was not a member of this forum previously. I have to say that I really like the purple!

RE: Hi! - acquiresimoleons - 08-03-2018

Hi Marcie! Nice to meet you! I love medieval games so I can't wait to see more of yours!

RE: Hi! - Hellfrozeover - 08-03-2018

Hi Marcie, welcome to the forum Smile The Medieval style can work really well and going by your Connor makeover, you're off to a great start Big Grin

RE: Hi! - windermeresimblr - 08-03-2018

Thank you both! I have a bunch of screenshot from various attempts at things--once I resize them, I might start a thread in the stories area?

RE: Hi! - Hellfrozeover - 08-03-2018

Of course Smile The more the merrier!

RE: Hi! - hafuhga - 08-04-2018

I, I'm maramaja06 on tumblr, nice to meet you. About going mediaval, do you mean you play S3 or S4 with mediaval CC or you are playing TS3 Mediaval?

RE: Hi! - Margot - 08-04-2018

Yeahhhh a new story teller !!! I live for sim-stories !! Welcome Marcie !

RE: Hi! - windermeresimblr - 08-04-2018

Oh, @hafuhga, I mean I'm playing TS3 with a heavy dose of TSM conversion CC and a very stretched imagination. I love TSM, if I could convert I would convert a lot of the hairstyles, but my computer skills are limited to database-building, I'm afraid.

RE: Hi! - spoonsthings - 08-04-2018

Hi, Marcie! Welcome! It's always really stimulating to meet someone who has a specific vision for their game... I usually get a ton of ideas I never even thought about, and sometimes it inspires me to make some invigorating changes to my own game!

RE: Hi! - Ktar - 08-05-2018

Hmmm. I think several of the TSM hairstyles have already been converted, but perhaps you already have those? ^-^ Welcome!