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Hellou everyone! - PlayersWondlnd - 07-30-2018

So since the old forum blew up, i'm also introducing myself again Big Grin

Jasmin, 22 years old and I create CC for TS4.
I'm from Germany and a little shy to new people.

So what else?
I'm a movie addict, I LOVE Marvel movies.
Music is something which is really important for me as well as my collection of gudetama plush toys

If anyone wants to know more, just ask! Big Grin
I won't bite

RE: Hellou everyone! - Hellfrozeover - 07-30-2018

Hi Jassi, welcome back again Smile Gudetama plush toys sound awesome btw.

RE: Hellou everyone! - WebbyMom - 07-31-2018

Hi Jasmin, I have just downloaded your two-colour nails. I'm excited to try them out! I have found that I love having my female sims wear nail polish. I like it myself and do my own gels at home, so it's a great added extra to my sims! I've not found lots of them so I was excited to find these on your tumblr. Big Grin

RE: Hellou everyone! - desiree - 07-31-2018

Hello, Jasmin! Welcome to Pixelated Puddings *waves*

RE: Hellou everyone! - spoonsthings - 07-31-2018

Hi, PW! It's nice to see you back here Wink

Not related to anything, but I downloaded your TS4 eyeliner, and I really love the shape! 95% of the time, when I give my sims eyeliner, it's either yours or the one by Reticulates.

RE: Hellou everyone! - PlayersWondlnd - 07-31-2018

Aww thank you guys!
Webby and spoon so glad you like my stuff <3

RE: Hellou everyone! - Margot - 08-01-2018

Welcome back Jasmin ! Heart

RE: Hellou everyone! - ATSSandy - 08-01-2018

Hello Jasmin!
I had to google "gudetama plush toys" (I live on Mars, just don't pay attention to all the things I ignore!), and they're indeed over-cute!!!

RE: Hellou everyone! - PlayersWondlnd - 08-01-2018

Thank you two!

@Sandy: I absolutely love them! There's also a TV show of gudetama. It's just a lazy egg Big Grin

RE: Hellou everyone! - ninjaofthepurplethings - 08-01-2018

Hello hello! Pleased to meet you, Jasmin!  Big Grin