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Kilani Family - whitnerd - 09-08-2018

I've been hesitant to call it a Legacy, but I suppose that's what it is. It's pretty much all archived on my Simblr but I figured I'd make a thread for it and post highlights, update notifications, and such here.

Read from the beginning on Tumblr

Generation 1: Megan Kilani--Bookworm, Genius, Good. 

[Image: tumblr_pe3la78JxN1rf35gto1_540.png]

Generation 2: Dana Kilani--Active, Bookworm, Genius.

[Image: tumblr_pfqukhPVk91rf35gto1_540.png]

RE: Kilani Family - whitnerd - 09-08-2018

I like to let the pictures speak for themselves and I'm not a great writer anyway, so going through the Tumblr archive shouldn't be too much, but I feel you if you just want the highlights. So here they are:

Meg got a job at the hospital to supplement her flower picking and fossil finding income.

[Image: tumblr_pe3miwbHNY1rf35gto1_540.png]

She went husband hunting and found a serious contender at the library--the librarian, Seiji Hasegawa.

[Image: tumblr_pe3ly3yMCz1rf35gto3_540.png]

There were some dates.

[Image: tumblr_pe3p8016nW1rf35gto1_540.png]

And some failed proposals.

[Image: tumblr_pe3pg9i2Nm1rf35gto3_540.png]

But they did eventually get married, although not until after Meg grew a serious baby bump.

[Image: tumblr_pe3pwiSZ6M1rf35gto2_540.png]

The first child was a girl named Dana.

[Image: tumblr_pe3rvrPqhQ1rf35gto1_540.png]

Second, a boy named Morgan.

[Image: tumblr_pe5heb9wu31rf35gto3_540.png]

They were very cute and fast friends.

[Image: tumblr_pe5hogTHdy1rf35gto1_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pehiit9t7d1rf35gto2_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pehpo0pwvt1rf35gto1_540.png]

Now they're all grown up and Megan's an elder. It's just about time for Dana to take over as head of the family.

[Image: tumblr_pehq0udK6W1rf35gto1_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_peo5iuPTcI1rf35gto4_540.png]

And that's just about where we're at.

RE: Kilani Family - Hellfrozeover - 09-10-2018

They’re adorable Heart looking forward to reading more about them!

RE: Kilani Family - whitnerd - 09-15-2018

Thanks Alex! I've queued up another round of photos. They're fun to play. Smile

RE: Kilani Family - Tito - 09-26-2018

[Image: tumblr_pehpo0pwvt1rf35gto1_540.png]

This picture is gold!

RE: Kilani Family - whitnerd - 09-28-2018

hahaha I wish I could remember who they were looking at so skeptically. Big Grin

RE: Kilani Family - whitnerd - 09-28-2018

To celebrate Dana's coming of age, the family took a trip to Granite Falls.

[Image: tumblr_pf32bzaES41rf35gto1_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pf32jad4XD1rf35gto1_540.png]

Dana met a guy while she was there.

[Image: tumblr_pf32sfBwMW1rf35gto3_540.png]

And smooched another guy when she got home (you may recognize him as Alexander Goth).

[Image: tumblr_pf32wbHw701rf35gto3_540.png]

Seiji unfortunately died a little sooner than expected because of my not being aware of elders dying from exhaustion.

[Image: tumblr_pf3xfmgpY31rf35gto2_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pf3xp9k4Nz1rf35gto1_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pf3xjaK2y91rf35gto1_540.png]

But life went on and Dana went to work in the athletics career.

[Image: tumblr_pf3xt6Untd1rf35gto1_540.png]

She started to date the guy she met in Granite Falls, Owen Hauser.

[Image: tumblr_pf3ygydCu91rf35gto2_540.png]

And another guy, Masato Something.

[Image: tumblr_pfiiij15y31rf35gto3_540.png]

But still mostly she dated Owen.

[Image: tumblr_pfihpzkQbi1rf35gto1_540.png]

Morgan became an adult and moved into his own place.

[Image: tumblr_pfihy6KXKr1rf35gto1_540.png]

And that's where I'll leave it for now.

RE: Kilani Family - Hellfrozeover - 09-30-2018

Get them, Dana Big Grin

Aww poor Seji though Sad I hate how random elder deaths can be, but I guess it's realistic.

RE: Kilani Family - Tito - 10-13-2018

The sad llama made me laugh so hard! I know, I know, I am a terrible person. I am sorry he died and I am glad she found a replacement, erm i mean new love, quickly!