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Hiya! *waves* - mspoodle - 07-30-2018

Hello to everyone again!

It's Mspoodle aka. Melissa/Mel from tumblrBig Grin I'm 49, married, have a cat named Coco and live in US/Mississippi.

I've been playing the sims since it's inception - feels like forever. Currently playing the Sims 3. I like building in the game and making CC. And when I'm not playing ts3 or scooping cat poop, I like to make art. I'm most active on my tumblr.

I guess that's about it!

RE: Hiya! *waves* - Hellfrozeover - 07-30-2018

Welcome back <3 I'm in love with your art and your sims Smile

RE: Hiya! *waves* - WebbyMom - 07-31-2018

*waves back* Hi Melissa! I had a look at this Bourgofofofgoahou... NOW I know what y'all are talking about! Wow, amazing work, amazing world they've created! And you've got some really great builds going there!  Heart  I'll have to follow so I can see your progress. Smile

RE: Hiya! *waves* - desiree - 07-31-2018

Oh, you seem very familiar. Have we met before? Tongue

RE: Hiya! *waves* - spoonsthings - 07-31-2018

Hi, Mel! Great to meet you (again!)

I use your mods all the time. Especially just before I switched to TS4 for an extended spell, I was on Cottonwood Hills, where I use your surfboard / seal edit, and finishing up Cape Garner Islands, where I used your beekeeping set extensively in the local produce / gourmet store I was in the middle of setting up.

RE: Hiya! *waves* - Margot - 08-01-2018

Hello Melissa !

RE: Hiya! *waves* - ATSSandy - 08-01-2018

Awww, Mel, I don't know if your patience is bigger than your experience with CC or if it's the inverse, but I'm happy to know I'll be able to find you there again! Heart

RE: Hiya! *waves* - ninjaofthepurplethings - 08-01-2018

Halllooooo, Mel! *waves back* Big Grin Heart

RE: Hiya! *waves* - Ktar - 08-01-2018

Your art is lovely, your kitties are too, and I love your work, so how do you do? xD

I couldn't resist somehow?

RE: Hiya! *waves* - mspoodle - 08-02-2018

So many of my favorite faces and new ones! Hello to everyone (I don't know how to tag you. I'm so illiterate with forum speak. Rulezzz_08 ).