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Apologies! - Hellfrozeover - 10-16-2018

First of all, I appreciate things have been a little quiet as of late and I need to take the blame for that as when our mod team is responding and creating new challenges, I know we can be fairly busy within our little forum group, so I'm really sorry for that, everyone!

Between the forum exploding (RIP), rebuilding, going on holiday straight after and then getting a new job after that, I've not been as productive as I would have liked to have been, but now that things are settling and nine years worth of work related stress and depression are lifting, I'll definitely be more active, so hopefully we can bring in some new challenges and some forum gifts  bear

Thank you all so much for making the forum the fun, welcoming, nerdy place that it has been for the last couple of years  Heart

RE: Apologies! - ninjaofthepurplethings - 10-17-2018

I could be a lot more active and participate more than I am, so it's not all to do with you. You have nothing to apologise for. You do so much!  Heart Heart Heart

RE: Apologies! - Hellfrozeover - 10-20-2018

Thank you <3 It has been an interesting year!

RE: Apologies! - hafuhga - 10-26-2018

Maybe I should apologise too. When RL turns complicated I miss my dear pixie worlds even more but time for all the things I would love to do isn t there or sometimes I feel just uninspired...    I have too many ideas .... and here  or on tumblr I allways get more input... more ideas...   BUT  I am only happy if I managed o try my ideas right away... a new WIP is allways great.... bad is only when I don't get to start a new WIP  for lack of time (mostly) or for not beeing able to decide what I should do first.  On those bad days, it is better not to watch what other simmers do!  I get really frustation because I wish I could be simming too... and if I get inspiration  for  new lots or gameplay.... well, my to do list grows as well as  my frustration Sad    Things are getting better now but that can change  anytime and stay like that untill my grand children are old enough. I only hope I won't be too old for simming.  Blush

RE: Apologies! - Hellfrozeover - 10-26-2018

I'm sorry that things have been complicated for you Sad You are never too old for simming though!!

RE: Apologies! - Margot - 10-27-2018

I've been super quiet too !!! This past two months were busy but I hope I will be able to go back to normal simming now. Or at least more often Big Grin

RE: Apologies! - spoonsthings - 11-10-2018

Aww, grateful for the support and kind words, everyone!

On my end, I just want to say, we mods like having people here, but what we like much better is for people to just come here because it's a good place to relax. We don't want foruming to become a chore, or something you "owe" to the other members. We want you to have fun while you're here, regardless of how frequently you are able / willing to come, or not.

To this end, we mods will always care about improving the forum, and making it a better experience for everyone. So if there's a suggestion you would like to make or a concern you would like to raise, please don't hesitate to come to any of us!