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Hello all! - SnowJackal - 12-04-2018

Well, here I am. I tend to be a little quiet in forums but if Tumblr takes a dive, this is where I'll be. 

I go by FurryJackal over on Tumblr and I'm also lurking around Discord if people want to PM me for my username! I've been a longtime Simmer since the early days and I still play all four here and there, depending on my mood.

RE: Hello all! - Hellfrozeover - 12-04-2018

Welcome to the forum...or welcome back give you were an attic regular Smile it’s always nice to see you about!

RE: Hello all! - MissyHissy - 12-04-2018

Hi there, and welcome to the forum Vala_05

RE: Hello all! - SnowJackal - 12-05-2018

Ah yeah! I remember the Attic! Didn't realize this was an offshoot. I'm bad at keeping up on forum activity. Mostly because of the multiple threads/posts. I will try to keep up more here as best I can!

RE: Hello all! - Tito - 12-09-2018

Yay, so good to see you here, HI!