[TS4] The Smyth Family (Updated 12th Aug)
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Twenty-something Caleb moved to San Myshuno to try to make it as a writer. He had no intention of focusing on anything other than his career until Valentina and her teenage son moved into the apartment next door…

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Amber Smyth (daughter)

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Milo and Hana were best friends in high school and when Hana's parents threw her out, she moved in with the Smyths and as the two friends grew older, they also grew closer. After getting past several hurdles, including a transition and a nightmare ex-girlfriend, the couple are happily married and enjoying the madness that comes with having two young children, a grumpy, elderly dog and an ill-mannered raccoon!

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Milo Yates                   

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They are cute! Hana & Milo even handsome!
Thank you Smile I have a hard time getting attached to a sim family enough to play them longterm, but they're definitely one of the few

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I get attached to too many sims or households! So much that I can not let them grow older or die! That`s why I am a rotation player! AGE is allways turned off! And when my sims age I copy the household to a new save... where the households are about that age!!! I have 4 (TS4) "ages" main saves! And countless TS3 saves ofc! Sad
I love your Smyths! They're so real and convincingly individual!
Update Summary:

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Edwin didn't take Heather's pregnancy news very well.

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Amber and Katelyn made things official!

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Hunter joined the already full household.

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Caleb and Milo took a father and son camping trip.

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Hana met up with an old friend.

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Edwin was sent to boarding school when his parents found out about Heather's pregnancy.

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Euan Smyth joined the family!

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Valentina turned sixty and defied the laws of gravity.

The full story can be read here Smile

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(09-26-2018, 10:17 AM)Tito Wrote: *impatientlywaitingforthepoly*

Shhhh I'm researching  bear

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This family look so sweet and so real!  Heart

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