I'm maramaja06 on tumblr and Origin (maramaja6 on Exchange) ... I am Portuguese and live in Germany and am maybe the only simmer here that started to play as a mother.  I had to show my 2 girls how to play and build. It turned out  my houses were better than theirs and so I built what they wanted and they played. I hardly played TS1,  TS2 already more but mostly  built.

 I only discovered I was addict to the sims as TS3 came out and I bought it only for myself!  (My girls  had other interests as teens - one of them plays again  and  now I make  sorts of  Let'play for my grand kids ... the 3. generation simmers, lol!)  I  falled totally in love with TS3 worlds and bult a lot but  I must say my sims looked like puddings    Blush  ...though  I didn't notice then   Big Grin  I discovered much later simmers can create wonderful  sims and learned what CC is.  

 Actually I have many TS4  WIP;   I'm bulding TS3 lots for the PP-World and just finisched the third one. The first two still need some tweaking but with the  third I like already  and would like to show it to  you... but still have to to learn how to upload pics, i.e. to link here...
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