[All] August 18 - What are you doing with your game?
I've been busy filling my tumblr queue mostly bear  gotta keep something in there for when I'm too tired to open my game, right? Well, as long as I don't get impatient I have enough for about 3 months.... but it's me, so you know I will get impatient xD

[Image: tumblr_pcoojgmTrs1sbu9t6o1_540.png]
I've mostly been playing in Northeney. This is Falk! Agnes has a crush on him xD

[Image: tumblr_pcrixsA3rT1sbu9t6o1_540.png]

When I haven't been playing I've been working on making all the floor tiles I have recolorable. Big Grin  Over 100 of them now. I have ones by Granny Zaza, Noir and Dark Sims, Moi, and Milla. I'm open to suggestions if you have others that you'd like made recolorable.
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