[All] August 18 - What are you doing with your game?
I had a nearly zero simmer week behind, with many appointments and the summer party at work.... I`m trying to finish a fisherman house for Haven... but still having trouble with the roof. Maybe TS4 spoiled me me but roofing is turning to a nightmare for me! I never get the roofs to look like I plan and must change some things to try another way. I think you are right, Spoon! I love many things in the Build-Modus from TS4... that we can copy eacht wall, room or floor and reproduce it is a dream... but tomorrow I will try again Smile ... In spie of everything, I m still not done with TS3... there ist stll many things I love... one of them is that I can see what my neighbours are doing in their gardens... in my small world I even hope to watch many lots at the same time! I'll try to get some good pics Smile I have some tricks for it (like not letting them in the houses, - I built walls around the doors, inside - so that the houses look normal but the sims can`t use the doors,... lol! ) Tuesday my youngest daughter will have her 30th birth... we'll be havin a small party, ofcs... and there will be other appointemts... so again not a great simming week... sadly!
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