[TS3] PP World - Population Thread
My first sim for the world! bear  after hours of working on her face (I'm so unused to this vanilla game stuff), I give you...

Bridget Clark and Puffer the Dog

[Image: tumblr_pd9zpyo8Dp1sbu9t6o1_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pd9zpyo8Dp1sbu9t6o2_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pd9zpyo8Dp1sbu9t6o3_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pd9zpyo8Dp1sbu9t6o4_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pd9zpyo8Dp1sbu9t6o5_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pd9zpyo8Dp1sbu9t6o6_540.png]

Bridget Clark lives in relative seclusion, preferring to spend most of her time with the sea and her dog, Puffer.  She moved to the area after hearing about the great diving opportunities and hopes to discover something remarkable! Sure she might be a little lonely, but they have each other, that's what matters right?

Download them with their home as a library file from SFS
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