Margot's sims
... And here it is, 2 months later !!

Heather Riffin - Margaloosa Plains

[Image: vCyoL4l.jpg]

Heather is Maisy Riffin's firstborn child.

Traits :
good sense of humor
green thumb

Personal situation :
elder of a brother and triplets
in a relationship with Giovanni Marconi

Lifetime wish : The Perfect Garden

Career : Gardener

Heather is the eldest of 5 children. She used to look after her siblings a lot when she was younger. Her parents were quite famous, her father being a chef and her mother a musician. 

[Image: py3UvFb.png]

So Heather has a big family, and takes care of it. She eats time to time with her aunt Chantrelle who used to live with them in the past, and her partner Florentin. She also babysit her cousin Sandro, when Cornell and Gracie are away.

[Image: uma57ph.jpg]

She even takes good care of pets. Here with Daisy and Eclipse, Cornell's dog and horse.

[Image: yyJWQtE.jpg]

She has a great relationship with the family dog, Bella. When she didn't have to keep an eye on her siblings to help her parents, she was escaping the house with her to the park to have some private time. It's not easy every day to live with your parents, a little brother, triplets, and an aunt !

[Image: z8sMtbO.jpg]

She's a good big sister. But like in every family, you have arguments sometimes !

[Image: ksjzcke.jpg]

Her father died when soon after her graduation. She chose to stay at home with her mum to help her with the children, and so they could overcome this tragedy all together. She finally moves out when she's 22, in the house Cornell and Gracie, her uncle and aunt, used to live in.

[Image: Kg6H6qr.jpg]

She was part of the school newspaper, and has the genius trait. Her mum was seeing her being a scientist or a doctor, but she chose to be a gardener. She produces coffee, spices and plants that she sells at the market in town or to the apothecary.

[Image: P74vblS.jpg]

Heather is quite a geek. When she's not with her family or working in her garden, she loves spending time on her computer or play video games.

[Image: Zw613js.jpg]

She also have the good sense of humor trait. I really like this, because she inherited it from her father, I think this is really sweet.

[Image: QOz0MYh.jpg]

Regarding her love life, Heather wasn't always lucky. Her highschool crush rejected her during the prom, but now she's going out with Giovanni Marconi. They sooooo cute together !! They used to see each other as friends during MONTHS, even if it was clear that there was something more than that. A source of a lot of frustration for me Gigakach_02

[Image: Ku5o9xV.jpg]
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