[TS3] Ralton-On-Sea
What a lovely town this will be! A great start, it's so interesting to see how you build this world up! Love it so far Smile
Alex, I know what you mean. I've been dying to do this for ages  Heart 
Margot, thank you! The harbour's the best I've ever done, I'm so proud of it!
Spoons, thanks! I don't know why so many people skip the dive lots. I suppose because they require a little bit more work. I think they're perfect, especially as I'm adding some history to the town.
Norn, thank you!  Big Grin 

Teensy weensy update today. I haven't had CAW up much lately (mostly coding at the moment) but when potato-ballad-sims posted this European Steam train on Tumblr, I HAD to use in in Ralton! This is the British variation and I love it. The idea is that this train line would have been part of a mass smuggling route back in the day but now the station is the only access point (aside from the harbour) to Ralton-On-Sea.

[Image: sU15JMA.jpg]

The train is perfect for this town!!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Very fitting!
Alex, I know! I couldn't believe how perfect it was when I saw it on Tumblr  Vala_27
Norn, thank you! It is, isn't it?

Another small update but this one's for some of the small details. This mostly has meant effects added in SuperCAW. I'd intended to do this near the end but since I'm more or less done with the harbour, save for a few small details, I decided to get these added.

[Image: rukqt5Q.jpg]

[Image: x857kBt.jpg]

I had to re-do the bus stop, since I'd forgotten to reinstall them when I shifted things to this computer  Kez_07 But now I have some pigeons wandering around. It's a shame I can't get seagulls walking about, or standing still. That would have been nice. I think the only way to do that would be to override the pigeons and ideally, I'd want both. But I have seagulls flying around, so the pigeons shall walk instead.

[Image: 66VyCb1.jpg]
One pigeon sitting on the sign. I actually got this idea from the seagulls in my local area. They sit on top of cars, streetlights, signs and fences and just chill, watching the world go by. So that's exactly what this pigeon is doing.

[Image: VRMiVUJ.jpg]

Finally, some more pigeons and another bus stop to remake  Mocking
The only real gripe I've got with the harbour is this little bit of land here:
[Image: QK9scn6.jpg]

I haven't a clue what to do with it. I don't really want it to be an eyesore, so any thoughts would be welcome. I might have a little look around Google Maps for some ideas for small spaces.

EDIT: Gripe-Be-Gone! Pan_Nymira gave some suggestions on the official forums. That couple with a quick scout on Google Maps and I've decided to put a lot there and make it a restaurant/bar. The idea is based on a restaurant in Looe that's rumoured to have been an old smuggling haunt back in the day. It's perfect! 

Thanks for all the comments!

So lovely details, that pigeon on the sign is awesome! Which effect is that, that it doesn't move? I also love your road and the bus stop. About that corner, you can always have more parking spaces. Or you add a mini-lot with a (fake or real) newspaper shop or kiosk and some benches. Or place a billbord. Or make a storage type lot, an old warehouse or something. You can leave the insides empty and make it a hidden tomb lot so sims won't visit it.

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Norn, thank you! The effect is in SuperCAW and it's called: ep3pigeonstandingone
It took quite a bit of work to get the pigeon sitting on the sign but it's worth it! Big Grin
Thanks for your suggestions! I've got a newsagents planned for one of the shops along the road but I think I'm going to go with a little restaurant. A couple of reasons:
1) I don't actually have one planned in that area of town.
2) After trekking down the hill from the castle, I think sims would be hungry and in need of refreshments.

So here's what I've added:
[Image: liiqTK7.jpg]

And the restaurant I'm using for inspiration is this one:
[Image: di9KxS4.jpg?1]

So this is what that area looks like now:
[Image: 1Xyt1uc.jpg]

Definitely looking better. Pleased with this so far. Again, it's just a shell and won't get decorated properly until I export the world when it's done.

Next, I've added some small details.
[Image: SziWlMG.jpg]

This is something I see a lot in Cornwall; taking old rowing boats and planting them up with flowers. They have two near my old secondary school and they look so beautiful, especially in the summer. So this one here is in Westward.

I was doing some building over the weekend on Westward Avenue.
[Image: woWkzTb.jpg]

[Image: lV1usi6.jpg]

The first shop in the top picture is the Post Office. The rest will be a variety of shops and cafes (to be decided on once I go in-game). So again, these are just shells.

Today, I exported for a quick test of wind turbines and gave a quick playthrough in Ralton. This twit showed up shortly after arrival:
[Image: lQPEqCl.jpg]

"Hey! You're parked on a double yellow line!"  Negative

Went over to Westward Cove and what do I find in the cave?
[Image: 8qGSAVd.jpg]

Is there still no way to get rid of that weather stone? I can't hide it in a basement if it appears on this lot when I export for real. Kez_13 

Finally, Ralton Lighthouse at night:
[Image: ohUhX1i.jpg]

Because I've used the fog emitter, the beam will only show up when I'm close to the lot but I'm not too bothered.

Lovely update! To my knowledge there is no good way to determine where the weather stone will spawn, and placing it somewhere doesn't prevent it from spawning again. It's a feature  No2 But if I remember correctly there is a setting in NRAAS somewhere to disable it altogether.

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It's looking lovely, Missy! I absolutely love the boat used as a planter Heart

As for the llama mascot....mine is a door to door Jehovah's Witness now Big Grin

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
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