[TS3] Townie Makeover Challenge - October 18

Wah-ha-hoooow!These are all amazing!

Nina, I literally drooled on my keyboard. Oh. My. Gosh. [Image: JC_slobber.gif]

Sandy, I would take your Connor home and snuggle him while he read me a good book. SO adorbs!

Heaven, your Connor is like a just-out-of-his-teens young adult who TOTALLY knows what he wants in life - but he's still up for a bit of mischief. LOL Don't ask me, that's just what I see in that face! So awesome!

create-a-sim: Good heavens, a red-headed Harry P! But hotter. Ha! I see him attending a prestigious university.

ness - It's hipster Connor! [Image: JC_clap.gif] What a great direction to go!

windermeresimblr, another great direction to go! I do like him, it's like one of Connor's great, great, great, great ancestors! LOL

acquiresimoleons - what a great back-story to style your Connor to! I do love how he turned out, to be honest, he also looks like he could step into the Irish Rovers band and play along! [Image: JC_cheesygrin.gif]

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