[TS3] Townie Makeover Challenge - October 18
@ninjaofthepurplethings I missed yours the first time! It was tempting to be cynical and make Madison look like Meghan Trainor like you did (intentionally or not but NOT A FAN of that particular woman's music) but I was feeling nice.

[Image: POHhqWJ.png]

The individual bios for the "Working Friends" describes most of them as being from rich families (that is that Madison's bio is "The materialistic rich girl" please give me more info I'm begging you). So her clothes would still be. Probably lots of custom tailoring and confidence gained from it.

If TS3 was made in the 2010's she would be ripe for social commentary about trust fund kiddies on Instagram flaunting their vacations and clothes...if EA didn't give up writing decent characters since well before then.

Anyways I really hated how the Working Friends as a whole were largely cobbled from defaults and little thought into their faces so I actually did change a lot about Madison, including that signature "cut a diamond on it" chin. Sad

[Image: c79gOzP.png]

[Image: WZ2nPV0.png]

That being said I went to OG levels and gave her whole household a makeover. Move in day origins?

[Image: Yh9kZjy.png]

Ursa major, significance minor
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