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I'm working on fine-tuning my University system. As some of you know, I'm developing some 'degree' careers to broaden the scope of the university education.

University Education

First a foremost, all the degree courses have some required skills. The way I intend to work this will be that the skills the sims have when they age from Teen to Young Adult will determine what courses are available to them. For example:
VJ Alvi ages up with at least 1 point in Logic
Holly Alto ages up with at least 1 point in Logic, Charisma and Science
River McIrish ages up with at least 1 point in Logic and Charisma.

According to the University, VJ doesn't yet qualify for any of the courses. Holly qualifies for both Accounting and Finance and Nursing and River qualifies for Accounting and Finance. So this would mean that VJ wouldn't be going to University but Holly and River both would. River will only be able to do the Accounting and Finance degree but Holly would have choices.

Once the ability to go to University has been decided on, the potential students still need to apply for the courses. This would mean finding the course on the computer or newspaper. I'll need to fine-tune this system further but what I'm thinking is that while my students are applying for courses, I may make the other careers unavailable using the Job Overhaul mod so that only the 'degree' careers show up. 

It's still a work-in-progress. Any thoughts and opinions are very welcome, of course!  Popcorm1

I am very interested in your university system Big Grin
I don't like the EA System so I don't use it. I use custom versions of Rachel's majors so far.
I have been thinking about how to decide which courses someone qualifies for too. I think mostly I will gate it by the grade of their highschool diploma. Sims with special talents in the area that don't have the required NC can also apply like in real life (at least that is how it works in Germany except for STEM fields which usually take everyone, but then people fail out of the major over the first two semesters).

I have not looked into the job overhaul Mod much because it is based in rabbitholes, however I would be interested in gameplay pictures of it to maybe change my opinion.

I adjust my careers as i am playing, because I am too lazy to really work on them until I really need them ingame^^
Still need a pharmacology branch for Claire.. but I keep putting it off. I want her to have a pharmacy for my Sims working together with my curable diseases. So She needs gardening to harvest high quality herbs, maybe Science to change them to even higher quality ("refining") and then making nectar out of them. I should make a Thread about diseases.. Maybe someone has a good idea about them.. so far my thread on my first test release has no answers.

I am trying to decide what the difference between a pharmacologist and a doctor would be skill and treatment wise.. I am hoping I will become good enough at Script Modding that I can add an action to analyse Sims samples at the Science Station to find out what disease they have, then medicine would mostly be Science based and pharmacology mostly nectar making based..

The other major I really love is engineering, because they invent stuff with my inventing overhaul (mostly Into the Future stuff) and once it is invented it can be used in town..

The first semester I played i had all of my students have a project once they got the required skills (I am not using the metrics as multipliers for performance I have performance turned off and promote them myself to the next semester with MasterController when all Smileys are green and the project is done)

I saw that you did opportunities for you careers. Can these be assigned to Sims with MasterController (because when I used Zerbus Ultimate Careers they don't get them automatically) I would it be doable to have project opportunities? I have no idea how much can be done with those..
The job overhaul mod is lovely. It only affects the actual getting of the job, nothing more. So it shouldn't affect your Ultimate Careers by very much. I did some gameplay with it Here with pictures, in case that helps. I also go into more detail about the features on my Tumblr

Is this a pharmacology degree you're looking for? I've got one planned but I could start working on it sooner if you want? A thread for sickness and disease would be handy. I don't use Vector myself but I know some people do so it could be a useful spot to talk about this  L_Pocket_PC

I don't know if my opportunities show up with Master Controller? I usually shift-click on the assigned rabbithole to force them. I don't immediately see why that wouldn't work with the Ultimate Careers? The career is still assigned to the rabbithole, isn't it, even though they don't go in there to work? I haven't used the Ultimate Careers for ages and probably won't be until I get Ralton-On-Sea finished. So clarification would be really handy. 

It most definitely would be doable to have project opportunities!  Mauridia_23

Clicking on the rabbithole to force opportunities works for me too Smile So the custom ones show up there? Awesome.
Ultimate careers just reroutes were the Sims go for work yes. I still have the rabbitholes as rugs and doors in my game I just never let my Sims go into them and usually don't use the functions. But sending them for a job interview should be fine.. all there would be to see would be two Sims talking anyways..
Yep, the custom opportunities will show just fine. I think you'll enjoy the interviews mod, it's really funny to see their comments  Sarcastic

Looking through Ea's opportunities and yours for ideas Smile
Yes that is a pharmacology degree I am looking for, would be awesome if you did one.

I am going to start an opportunities Thread, because I have questions^^
Yep, I've got one on the to-do list. I'll bring it forward and start some work on it this weekend  Victory

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