I'm Tangled. Erm, I'm Webby. I'm the Tangled Webby!
Ah, I see. That is one of the advantages of tumblr - they just smush all the pics auto-magically. I've worked with websites over many years where you really do want to edit pics as far as size and quality to keep the bandwidth reasonable. So old habits die hard. LOL

Actually, come to think of it, Wordpress.com might also do that for me. [Image: smiley-girl-thinking.gif] I might have to dig around and find out. It would sure make things easier. Ha!
Hee! I hope you find something that works for you, to let those screenshots see the light of day! xD
[Image: giphy.gif]
LOL! Hi Tito! Smile

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Ummm........ I'm back... again?

At least for a little bit. Building a home just ain't the same when you don't share your progress and achievements with folks. Big Grin Glad you're here!

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Webby!  Party Lovely to see you over here again!  Heart

Welcome back Webby !

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
Welcome back!!

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Thanks, y'all!

(Don't thet sound like Ah'm frum Texess?? But Ah ain't. No, Ah shore ain't...)

Well... Fickle ol' me, as  per usual, I dropped TS4 back there for a whole dang lot of "Farm Together"... and have just picked it back up tonight. Who knows for how long. Big Grin However,  I had a hankering to start a new and different Land Lubber's Challenge. This time, I've got my simself, Cora Dixon, looking more like a 1980's me, all ready to start living off the land for 1 year in Sulani. Wink

Suuuure, she may be starting in Spring and Suuuure, she's bought a lot in Sulani that is an "ocean paradise" (erm... swimming is inspiring and dolphins and rare fish are more often found here)... And her Aspiration ain't so bad... But I stuck her with some really bad traits. Just to make it more challenging. Big Grin

She's got the "Home Turf" aspiration. Which means she becomes happy when in her home neighbourhood. That's the only positive. (I hope. LOL! )


Yup. She ain't gonna want to do NUTHIN'!!!!!! But she's gonna be hungry, being such a glutton and all, so planting, (or at the very least, harvesting), will be necessary. And if that makes her too sad (from being Lazy and Gloomy), well, she'll just have to water those plants with her tears. Mwaaahaa haaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaaaa! Big Grin

Oh, did I mention that the lovely "ocean paradise" lot is also "off-grid"??? Yeah, she might like swimming and fishing here, but she's gonna HATE doing any boring household chores without power, won't EVER get enough to eat, and will probably wake up blue and down in the dumps more often than not... with damp laundry hanging on the line that hopefully survived the torrential rainstorm overnight, and FRAMMIT! There's no TV to watch instead of doing laundry because.. OFF GRID.

I'm thinking it could be fun. Here's hoping. LOL

I'm wondering about recording this game play and uploading a video. I'm pretty amateur, but what the hey, could be neat diversion! LOL It's now too late to actually start playing her tonight, esp. if I want to record the play time, so I'll sleep on it. Big Grin

Land Lubber's :: Brindleton Bay Makeover :: General Silliness 
Mosking Well that sounds like it's going to be fun! Good luck to Cora, I think she's going to need it!

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