I'm Tangled. Erm, I'm Webby. I'm the Tangled Webby!
I never heard about TheSimsDaily until I heard that it was gone. ^-^; But then, I'm relatively new to the community in general. I read everyone's introductions here and know that ALLLL of you have been playing sims so much longer than me. I've only been playing for about 3 years now? Sims 4 was released like 6 months after I started playing.

I agree, discord can be nice for casual conversation!

My secret to not letting those photos go to waste is that I don't edit them. At all. xD I'm constantly surprised anyone still follows me, because I'm not that great at lighting either, and I think a lot of my photos are rather dark, and they're all gameplay photos, with no posing. But hey, those screenshots don't go to waste! [Image: hahaha.gif]
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