I'm Tangled. Erm, I'm Webby. I'm the Tangled Webby!
Big Grin 
Hi all (again)! Glad to see the forum has been started over! I'm WebbyMom, proud owner of a blog called The Tangled Webby that doesn't get updated often enough because I have too much fun playing. Ha! (I take lots of pictures, though, as IF I'm going to post them, but they just sit there, longing for the day when they will be edited and shown off... Blush )

Used to own The Sims Daily and The Sims 3 Musketeers with some other lovely simmers until we decided to stop paying all the fees and turned TSD into a Discord channel. It's nice and casual, kinda liking that.

Pushed many a red button in my day as a forum owner. I do believe I caused the loss of the entire thing once, too! We called it "The Black Hole of 2012", or whatever framming year it was. Big Grin

I've been playing Sims since the TS2 first came out. Stuck my nose up at those games in the stores until then, I did! Sheesh! If I'd only known what fun they were! Wink
Hi Webby! Good to see you again! Aww, I really miss The Sims Daily! And the Sims Musketeer! Wow, how long ago was that? I downloaded some great houses from there that you all built Smile
It's so good we can all get together again! I'm getting all emotional now *wipes tears* lol
Hi Webby! I do that myself, spend so much time playing that I never get to actually post about it (even though I take tons of screenshots with every intention of turning them into updates).
Welcome back, Webby Smile another one that misses TSD here Heart I know how you feel re not updating enough!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Hi Webby ! I also don't update as often as I should Smile

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
Webby! That's so lovely to see you again! Heart
Aahah, that famous Big Red Button!! I sure remember it! Framming powerful! Big Grin
Hi Webby! *waves*  Big Grin
I never heard about TheSimsDaily until I heard that it was gone. ^-^; But then, I'm relatively new to the community in general. I read everyone's introductions here and know that ALLLL of you have been playing sims so much longer than me. I've only been playing for about 3 years now? Sims 4 was released like 6 months after I started playing.

I agree, discord can be nice for casual conversation!

My secret to not letting those photos go to waste is that I don't edit them. At all. xD I'm constantly surprised anyone still follows me, because I'm not that great at lighting either, and I think a lot of my photos are rather dark, and they're all gameplay photos, with no posing. But hey, those screenshots don't go to waste! [Image: hahaha.gif]
[Image: laugh1.gif] Now that's a good idea! No editing!

Do you not resize them or anything???
No resizing, no cropping, no editing of any kind. Pure screenshots. I go into tab mode in game to get decent photo composition, and I do have BrntWaffles update of Shimrod's no-drift camera mod installed so I can get better close-ups, etc. than I'd be able to otherwise, but once I take the shot, that's it. xD It's taken, and I either post it or I toss it.

Usually I toss the ones where like, I forgot to make sure the ceiling was in the photo instead of the sky or something. [Image: silly.gif]

Edit: I should add, I also don't use a screenshot utility. I take them all with the built-in sims3 camera so that the interface is already stripped out.
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