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Another nerd thread! To follow on from the topic on Education, I thought this time we could chat about employing your sims. Are there any particular methods you use, or criteria you have, for how your sims get their jobs? Are you using the Job Overhaul mod to make them go for interviews? Have you been using Zerbu's Ultimate Careers mod to open up your places of employment?

I always wanted but never did. So I'll be just lurking here Smile

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Okay, well I'll start us off then  Scenic

I like to keep the process of obtaining a job and rising through the ranks as realistic as possible. So for a start, I use Ani's No Free Work Performance mod to stop my sims from gaining any job performance if they haven't gained the necessary skills (or other metrics). This slows down the promotion chances for each of the sims.

I've also started using the Job Overhaul mod by gamefreak130 which pushes your sims to apply for jobs and attend interviews. This has added a lot more to the process of sims finding a job. There is also the ability to set certain jobs to require a degree before they can be applied for. This works for the EA degrees and for Twallan's Education degree (this doesn't apply to my 'degree' careers). 

So with these two mods, I'm changing the way my sims get jobs.

Teen Jobs

My teens are able to get part-time jobs when they're 15. These jobs will be largely my collection of Saturday Jobs which do allow the teens to still take part in afterschool activities. I do leave the interviews switched on for these jobs, so the teens will have to apply and go to interviews too in order to get jobs. Naturally, the skills they gain in this jobs will be beneficial later.


Once again, I'm leaving the interviews switched on for my Apprenticeships because the teens will need to apply for them! These can be undertaken instead of Saturday Jobs and will help them gain a variety of skills which will be helpful towards future degrees or career progress.

'Degree' Careers

I'll make more of a feature of my 'degree' careers in my Education post. For the time being, I'm leaving the interviews switched on for these because I feel like these could be interviews for the University. Each of the degree careers also has required skills before the sims can apply for the course anyway.


Some careers will definitely require a degree. The ones that spring to mind are the Medical, Psychologist, Medic, Veterinary, Pharmacist, Accountant, Advertising, Astronomy, Estate Agent, IT, Lawyer, Nursing and Teaching, to name a few. Others may well require degrees at the higher levels (possibly level 7 and beyond). 

This system does need fine-tuning but it's certainly a start!

Woaw Missy, you put a lot of thoughts into this !

My system is a lot messier and I don't always follow it myself Laugh3  If I feel the need to cheat I just do it.
I had a look at the Job overhaul mod and that's interesting !

Teens :
I usually give them a part-time job when I suppose they are over 15 and if they have a wish for it.

Careers :
I usually pretend the sim has a degree if he or she is at a certain high position. I think about promotions when they happen, and decide if I allow it or not depending on what I imagine for the sim. I can keep it, ignore it, or justify it somehow by something happening in the game. Same when a sim is fired (happened once) or demoted.

I've got a sim that is level 2 or 3 in the scientist career, but is the owner of the lab : so she's the boss, even if she's just a technician on the paper.

I use Zerbu's Ultimate Careers Mod for the hospital/science building in Margaloosa. So I can see what my sims are doing and decide more precisely what is their purpose, or push them to one that I have decided for them.

I can't have a system that is too rigid, because my gameplay is too chaotic ! (and I'm lazy, always)
But I'm really interested in what other people do.

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I have to think these things through. I create custom careers regularly, it would look ridiculous if I didn't have a plan Mosking
I keep thinking about the Ultimate Careers mod but I still haven't played with it for years. Must do that again soon!

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