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All right, new nerd thread, this time about travel and transport. How do your sims get about?

The obvious answer to that is going to be cars, bicycles, taxis and on foot, whether you're playing Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4. So what about the other, imaginary, methods of transport for your sims? Airports, train stations, bus stations etc. How does the world you're playing in connect with the rest of SimNation?

Over the years I've seen some incredible ideas from the community, especially for Sims 2 and 3. I know Sandy uses a bus station for Sandy Valley. I discovered a very lovely train station by Arda Sims and a very elaborate one for Elmdale here. I know there are some impressive airports out there.

So how else are your sims travelling?   Laie_47

I tried to build bus stops with the subway rug, but it kept throwing errors so i caved in and had someone build tunnels under Aurora Snows^^
I pretend that travel between Aurora Snows and Snows Haven is by ferry. I set a housboat in the docks as a basecamp in Snows Haven so all Sims arrive there.. Other then thatmy travel is pretty boring. Since my Sims are very eco friendly they try to use bikes as much as possible.
Yes, I tend to give my sims bikes as I rotate through the households, or the vespa from WA. The RH rug is sadly bugged or I would use it, too. The red phone boxes are funny but they bork the routing - sims wander over half of the map to get to a phone booth to teleport to a few tiles next to where they started. So that's not an option too. I guess I'm rather boring in this regards, too Smile

A bit of logic is required though. On islands I have at least one port, for Cronor we made a Space Port. And one day I will have a world with tracks and train stations Smile

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I thought about that but never really took a step forward.

In my opinion, Margaloosa is too countryside-like and too small to have something like an airport or a train station. So my sims need to take their car or a taxi to another town where they can find one, or drive all the way to their destination (that's what they did in my mind every time they visited St Claire). I guess Margaloosa could have a bus station though ?

St Claire have an airport (in my mind Big Grin ).

And I suppose my Sunset Valley save could have a train station.

I was really interested in the links you provided Missy (bus station and train stations). Can be useful the day when I will not feel lazy to take care about that Whistle3

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Some more links for the potential Margaloosa Bus Station!  Mafia

There's a set of Bus Station items by ilana that might take your fancy. I'm rather fond of the looks of those timetables but the coaches there look impressive too.
If you're ever building bus stops, there's a small selection of items on TSR, including some of Carlos' items, which I'm using in Ralton-On-Sea.
[Image: IkYAfGS.jpg]

That's so nice Missy, thank you so much ! Now you really make me motivated to put one Big Grin

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
My sims in Enekjaer don't generally own cars as it's so small. All I want is a left hand drive mod Sad

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
I'd love a mod like that too, it'd really finish Ralton-On-Sea perfectly  Heart

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