Ok here is a new Thread dedicated to making new opportunities and asking questions about them Big Grin 

First question: <TargetInteractionItemsDeleted>True</TargetInteractionItemsDeleted>

Does this line mean I cannot make my Sim actually deliver stuff to other Sims? Or is there a way to acutally move the things to the inventory of the Traget Sim instead of deleting them?
That line essentially means the item has been *moved* from your sims inventory by deleting it. Sadly, there's no way to move it from one sim to another. Is that what you were hoping for?

Generally, you can *deliver* something to another sim but it won't go in their inventory; it simply disappears into thin air, so to speak.

It is really sad that EA did not design this game for people who want to change families a lot..
Well Then I guess I will set that line to False and then use MasterController to move the item after I completed the Opportunity..
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