[ALL] September 19 - What are you doing with your game?
Hmm, tricky question. With the resort, the sims would have to check in to actually use the facilities, so that much could simulate paying an entrance fee but then the question is would other sims in town do that too? I'm not sure...
If you set it up as a library or art gallery, you could use Arsil's Custom Generic Role for a receptionist? The object is even a desk, so there's something in it Mosking
Love the idea though!

The problem I have with Arsils desk is that noone sits there. It just keeps the role Sim on the lot.. I might have to look into the code, maybe it is not that difficult to write and then I could make one where the Sim stays put.. I missed having that option multiple times now so I guess that would be a worthy goal.
But yes. My non-rabbithole spa is a resort and it is kind of empty.. maybe if I make a tuning Mod to make checking in autonomous? i don't know if it is currently.. but then Sims still would have to visit the lot and StoryProgession does not seem to push them there..
Difficult one that. Not sure what to suggest.  Huh It sounds like the best bet might be tweaking Arsil's desk after all. Good luck!

I played a bit last week. I changed location and went in Cladbridge-on-Stowe that I populated kind of with families from an old Sunset Valley save like the last picture). The family of the 3 first pictures as generated by the game for NPC purpose I assume, but I made it playable and I'm having lot of fun with them.

[Image: iYQj2VD.jpg]

[Image: kn7QRXx.jpg]

[Image: NMyKlKx.jpg]

[Image: ydPAu27.jpg]

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Now that looks like a lovely family! Heart

Seconding Missy on that! If they're game generated, your game is a lot friendlier than mine Tongue They look lovely!

I'm currently deciding which save to send to Glimmerbrook.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
They all had a makeover Laugh3
For game generated sims, I usually change the parents faces in CAS with the "random face" button (because I am lazy and it's funnier, and I stop when I find a face I like. Then I use Master Controller "play with genetics" on the children, using the parents as donnors so they have similiar features but look kind of different from each other.

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
Oh, that's a nice idea, will have to try that!. Though I usually end up transfering genetics with mixed up directions  No2

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That is a lovely idea. Goodness knows the game generated sims need work Mosking
I'm in Sims 4 again at the moment. Really enjoying my Little Piece of England build-a-city game.  Heart

I was in Margaloosa Plains last weekend, and Story progression decided that one of my elder, Mickael Coquille will adopt a girl ! He's got the family trait, but has only one children who's a NPC, so I decided it was too cute to go against it !

[Image: xQfA94O.jpg]

She had a makeover, and I'm quite happy with her new outfits. I didn't touched her face yet. Does she look puddinglike ? I'm not sure. Anyway, meet Séréna !

[Image: Buhr36t.jpg]

I also chose cherry pyjamas for her and green trainers, like when I was a kid myself Kez_07

[Image: DgoyEUh.jpg]

[Image: lCndGZT.jpg]

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