[ALL] Inspiration Thread: Art Galleries/Museums
So I'm going to be building a museum/art gallery in my BACC soon and I've been looking for some inspiration for it. I always see art galleries as being modern buildings but museums should have that older look. Now as I'm trying to incorporate the two, I want something in between.
Either way, I thought it might be handy to have another inspiration thread for these, starting with a couple from good old rainy England.

Oxford Museum
[Image: vo4Ciaz.jpg?1]

Cambridge Museum
[Image: Zo07zZv.jpg]

And now for some more modern museums/art galleries:
[Image: TsUGZeZ.jpg]

[Image: UvxV4T4.jpg]

[Image: Jn4Gc0D.jpg]

[Image: rRBw5Tr.jpg]

I love museums architecture. It's so diverse and most and really impressive. I could just stay outside contemplating it instead of going in !

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
I know what you mean. I often think the architecture is more fascinating than the contents Mosking

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