October - What are you doing with your game?
Pumpkins ahoy, we're in October!

I currently have creator's block and I'm trying to figure out what to do for Simblreen.

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October already? It's almost Christmas... Laie_52
Installing Realm of Magic today. Taking a brief break from my BACC also to catch up the story on here.

I'm so hyped up for Christmas that I found myself not able to focus on October. It sucks because October can be so much fun too. haha
I know what you mean, I love Christmas!  Heart 
Been playing some more of my BACC. I should update the thread on here soon, actually.  Angel

I'm super excited for Christmas too Big Grin

I'm trying to get my current legacy up to the point where I can send the right sim to uni.

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I've got ages before any of my BACC children head to university. The eldest, Elena, will be aging to child when I next play their household Mosking When the pack releases, I'll probably take the Brothers Green to Britechester and see how they fair Big Grin

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