[ALL] Your 2020 Sims Resolutions
(12-28-2019, 10:02 AM)MissyHissy Wrote: I don't normally go in for New Years Resolutions but this year, I've made a series of Simming ones. This was going around Tumblr recently and I thought it might be really nice to have a thread here, so we can give each other a nudge if we're flagging!

[Image: Bk9kv40.jpg?1]

1. Learn Script Modding ~ I don’t know how ambitious a project this will turn out to be but it’s something that’s been on my mind for some time now. This seems as good a time as any! All support, encouragement and coffee is very appreciated!

2. Story Writing ~ Something else I’ve wanted to do for ages is actually have a Sims story ongoing. I love writing but I rarely share my projects so this could be the time to do that and get the feedback.

3. More Regular Updates ~ I’m not going to promise this one because I can’t. It’s technically not restricted to Pixelated Puddings but to my Job Centre, Mod the Sims and my Simblr but the principal is the same. However, I’ve got so many ideas still for the careers that I want to finally get them coded. To coin a phase, let’s Get Coding Done! (Cookies for those in the UK who catch this reference!)

4. More Gameplay Pictures ~ I love playing Sims 3 and Sims 4 and I don’t post as many gameplay pictures as I used to. So that’s a major goal for the next year.

5. Reaching Out ~ I actually started this a little more this year and I’ve made some fantastic new friends on Simblr this year and I’d like to think I’ll make some more as the next year goes on not only on Simblr, but here on the forum too.

6. Ralton-on-Sea ~ I love working on this world and I’m really hoping I might finish it next year. Either way, I intend to share more pictures on Simblr and over here during this next year! So keep an eye out  Derisive

So come on everyone, what about you?   Bb2
I'm sorry for the vanishing from the forum, real life became...very hectic. (I lost my childhood dog in January, and my grandfather unfortunately lost his battle with dementia in August, and this year's fall finals season was incredibly dramatic due to half my coworkers getting sick or injured right in the busy part.)

I really missed the townie edits, though... so I'm back. And here are my goals for 2020. 

  1. Actually post and continue a story! I’m hoping I can finalize a few characters before I go back to work on Thursday. (And I got a second wind on my fanfic after watching a few “Abuelas Review Each Other’s Tamales” videos on Buzzfeed.) {Yes, I started a fanfic...based on Thrawn from Star Wars: Rebels. I'm sorry. I'm hopeless.}

  2. Learn to mesh! I really want to make a Regency apron-front dress, among other things.

  3. Finalize a download Sim. Thrawn’s been languishing in my Sim bin for so long…

  4. Interact more with other Simmers, since I really need to make more friends. (And digital friends are easier to keep up with, since my schedule makes socializing…very hard.)

  5. Learn to make skin details–Bajoran nose wrinkles, Thrawn’s forehead ridges, maybe a full set of moles for Vicar Max…

  6. Get over my need for everything to be JUST SO. I’m simultaneously a perfectionist and a procrastinator.

  7. I know I want to get the By George challenge off the ground, that’s for sure. And hopefully get a decent posting/playing schedule.
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