[All] August 18 - What are you doing with your game?
Whew! You all are being busy beavers these last couple of days! Big Grin

I am (in TS4) currently finishing and furnishing all of Peacemaker's Brindleton Bay homes. And then, in the midst of that, I figured I needed more carpets, because ALL the rooms in ALL the houses can't have wood flooring, right?

I went in search. Found (again) 2 or 3 good ones. But not too many good carpeting floors out there! (I don't count TSR for that, sorry, won't download from there, although they often have lovely things...)

So I'm now making my own. Haa! What a nut-case! But it's so fuuun! I have a decent berber on my blog already, and I'm just prepping to upload my second carpet that is more of a "general use" one. It has 24 colours! I'm so happy. They all look quite nice in-game, if I do say so myself.  Learning more about how to best re-colour my bases, spent HOURS yesterday making a nice little "logo" for my images, spending more time today recording Photoshop actions so this all doesn't take so. much. time.  Big Grin

S4S makes it so easy. I really appreciate those guys!

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