[All] August 18 - What are you doing with your game?
Okay, we're a couple of days ahead! I'm back in TS3 currently, making over a few Sunset Valley sims Smile
I am sooooo close to finishing the setup of having all my sim households from various saves in one save in Hidden Springs. So close. And then I can actually play the main family. xD
Not enough, that's what I am doing with my games.
It's probably the heat. I feel so uninspired and unmotivated *cries
Having a look at Boroughsburgh and building (it's still a heavy wip)...

[Image: tumblr_pcp411yQXL1vrfdnao1_1280.jpg]
Currently playing lots of generation families in my game (ts4).
Thanks to MCCC 2 families died bc they got too cold Big Grin
Saved the other ones and i'm also slowly rebuilding everything from scratch
Every world now has more residential lots than community lots
[Image: tumblr_pcngqb4bsM1rk4a41o1_540.png][Image: tumblr_pclryxBfdA1rk4a41o4_540.png][Image: tumblr_pck3lel2Vi1rk4a41o3_540.png][Image: tumblr_pchx58DJ1o1rk4a41o1_540.png]

Currently making and filling Boroughsburg with puddings and making them places to live. Trying to keep it light this time (said no simmer ever who likes to hoard cc Angel ).
Boroughsburg looks lovely Smile I don't think your lovely sims could ever be called pudding though!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
You guys building in that city world are doing SO AWESOME! Heart

I have been working on the TS4 Landlubber's Challenge for the last little while. And then I went back to Brindleton Bay and fiddled and faddled around with my Humes Family for a bit. They had a borked house. So I tried to fix it. Didn't work.  Tongue  Had to make an entire new one. Which turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself, so I'm happy about that. *squee's just a little bit*

Then I  plopped a dude into a shell of a [cute] house in Windenburg, filled in the interior, and made him my "bee guy". That's what I call him. "Bee Guy". He's currently in Fall with the bees and they are due to go dormant any day now as winter hits. He has a scarecrow as a friend. What can I say? He's a loner and an outdoor lover! So he spent a lot of time right next to that thing and the scarecrow scared him to death until he got himself together enough to make friends with it.  Tongue Big Grin 

That's where I'm at. I want to play tonight, but Bee Guy was boring me last time, the Humes family HAS TWO CHILDREN AND A FRAMMING TODDLER WHAT WAS I THINKING! and my building muse seems to have left a few days ago for summer vacay... Who knows what will happen when I finally open the game???
Waiting for an opportune time to take my computer to the shop so I can start playing again Sad

On the bright side, this is an opportunity to post things for once, and not just stay stuck in-game.
Oh no, Spoons Sad I hope your PC is okay!

I'm currently thinking about which game to load and what to do. I might try to populat Cladbridge or I might play with the Smyths.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
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