[All] August 18 - What are you doing with your game?
(08-18-2018, 09:33 PM)Mhafuhga Wrote: I also strugle between  S3 and S4 ... also because building is so much easier in TS4.... but  TS3 worlds... terrain elevation and houseboats really got me caught, atm!  And I even have a small world, tweaked by Norn,  just for me!  (lovely thanks Norn ♥♥♥) Where I get to build on many small hills! Just the thing!

It's definitely easier! I especially love the fact that you can rearrange floor-plans without destroying existing rooms. Though knowing what I do about how the game works, I'm presuming that houseboats and terrain elevation were PRECISELY the price we had to pay for this great modular building style.

Still, I can live with only building on flat terrain if we could only explore the worlds we do have. So much pretty scenery, and I can't go out and immerse my sims in it, like I could in TS3.

(08-19-2018, 10:13 PM)WebbyMom Wrote: I'm finishing the interiors of a whole town of homes and just got my third one (with its owner) done today. I have a bunch of pics over on my blog (link below). But I'll leave this picture here: I had to try Peacemaker's re-colours of the Jungle Adventure cabinets. I like them! And I like this kitchen, I even added cracks and a water stain to the walls (not really seen in this pic, unfortunately).

I like that industrial kitchen, Webby! I have a TINY kitchen in real life, AND I really like to cook, so I enjoy looking at kitchens with counters that go on for miles. And somehow your version doesn't feel quite as soulless as other kitchens I've seen, which are done in that style.

(08-22-2018, 10:07 AM)Puzmo Wrote: I've also been working on some makeovers for all the premades. I've done a few families already, but I did the Behr sisters yesterday and just absolutely fell in love with them.  Heart

I actually rather like the Behr sisters as they are in the game, but I really love your makeovers too! They look really real, in the best way possible for made-over EA sims, and they retain so much of their original personalities that I could instantly recognize them before reading the text of your message.

As for me, I've been on a building and creating binge.... another thing in S4's favor is that the creation tools available for that game are so much better. S4Studio is a godsend, and Blender is a bit more complicated to learn, but at least I don't feel like I'm wasting my time familiarizing myself with the program, unlike with Milkshape. It's getting kind of addictive to fiddle around with cursors and digits and in the end getting something that looks pretty in the game.

I would probably be developing carpal tunnel soon, actually, if it weren't for computer problems. My laptop battery is so old, that it has actually physically expanded to the point where it's dangerous to go on playing without getting it fixed first. I'm taking it into the service center tomorrow to get it fixed, and it will probably take a week or more to make the necessary fixes. Fingers crossed I haven't waited until it's too late, so I get an actual computer back at the end of the waiting period.
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