[TS3] Raven's Whacky Sims
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He's WHAT?! The Scoundrel!

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I invited her over to find out if they really like each other or if this is just Story Progression weirdness.

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She came in and went straight to his computer and he went to make dinner.

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She finally left, 10 hours later, never having spoken a word to him. So I had him send her a break up text bear 

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"Agnes! Wait, I want to talk to you!"
Agnes turns, brought out of her quiet walk at Falk's shout. "What is it?"
"Have I ever," he huffed, "Told you how beautiful you are?"

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Agnes reception of him was... very welcoming.

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"So I was thinking... we should go steady."
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Swetlana walks by and she can't seem to believe her eyes.

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She must have been quick about spreading the gossip because now everyone in town seems to be finding an excuse to come down this path.

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That feeling when you need to clean your boyfriend's bathroom before you can use it.

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He wanted to give her a gift but all he had in his inventory was books. Fortunately that worked for her!

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Autumn has come to Northeney!

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Remember kids, always wash your hands before performing a summoning!

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her other duties are more mundane

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"Yessss, good slave. Right there behind the ear. Purrrrr"

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For a very old and powerful being, her familiar sometimes acts suspiciously like an ordinary cat.
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"I am going to cas a conversion ritual on this apple... that I put at the back of the table like a stupid twat."

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Two minutes later:

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"Ohhh incinerated apple stinks!"

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Agnes and Dara have finally begun to get along.

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Dara is still a fussy teenager, obsessed with her appearance, but she isn't as vocal about it. The only clues are her love of the mirror.

Ok enjoy, I will return to spam this thread again (hopefully) soon Big Grin
B'aw, good for Agnes and Falk. Heart

I like the kitty pictures too.
"Remember kids, always wash your hands before performing a summoning!" Wise words Big Grin

I love Dara's attempts at witchcraft so far Big Grin

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Dara is making me so happy! ♥
Thanks guys xD I'm glad you're enjoying the mayhem!

Agnes went to the fall festival! To clean it apparently xD

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Agnes is thrilled with the fire though.

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Ohhhh look who's arriving

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*rubs hands together gleefully*
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"Hi! I'm glad you're here!" Agnes immediately grabs him for smooches.

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They had a romantic moment by the fire.

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Agnes, face set, ready for challenge. Falk, cracking his knuckles, ready to stuff his face with pie.

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Falk: oh god what did I get myself into?

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The face of a man who will murder anyone who gets between him and the pie.

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I'm trying to get caught up so sorry if I'm spamming xD I'm only posting the more salient points here, the entirety of it is on my tumblr blog (a lot still in my queue, but I hit the daily post up to 4 so I could catch up there too) due to the time it takes to repost everything here I think it's best to stick with the highlights.

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There is a persistent myth about witches dancing naked under the full moon and suckling their familiars... the truth involves a lot more random magic fuckery, playing tickle the cat and lazing about in their pajamas outdoors.

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She wanted to get fit... she wished she didn't have an audience. I guess she's hoping to be more flexible...

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after her workout, she bought a cup of tea.

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Falk's love of music means he can usually be found wherever a show is being put on.

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Agnes stopped to autonomously curse the old lady who had laughed at her for bobbing apples.  "Eat flies, old bag!"

We're nearly caught up... to the next chapter in Northeney's story, at any rate.
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