hi everyone! im coffeepixls, but you can call me hayley. im also coffepixls over on tumblr if you see me reblogging your stuff  Big Grin
i play ts3 almost always, ts4 is fun but just for the aesthetic and pretty pictures. i love the building in ts4 but exclusivity build in ts3. oops! 
sorry for the short introduction, i have long nails that i stupidly wanted too long for my taste. but yeah! thats me, im excited to be on the forum here and participate in things.  Cool
Hello there Hayley! Welcome Big Grin
Lol I can empathise with the long nail situation, sometimes I wish my keys were bigger for them Big Grin Welcome to the forum Smile We have a bit of a mix of TS3 and TS4 players (mostly TS3 for the moment), so I hope you feel at home Smile

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Oh hai, Coffeepixels!  Big Grin Pleased to meet you!
Welcome, Coffeepixls! I just clipped my nails yesterday. They're not allowed to interfere with my typing, so when they start getting in my way, I simply cut them off. xD
hi Hayley !! Welcome to the forum !! Hope to see your posts very soon !
Nice to meet you, Hayley! I do my own gel nails at home. Sometimes I extend them, but juuuust a bit. I need to type for a living (administrative assistant) so when they start mucking me up, I have to shorten them. LOL But I know the feeling of too long and frustrating to use but wanting to keep them because they are sooo nice! Big Grin

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Hi, Hayley! Welcome!

I used to hate the feeling of typing with long nails, but then I started taking more REGULAR care of my nails by applying oil every day and applying a nail hardener once a month (I have really soft, thin, flexible nails) and now my hands feel fine even when I'm riverdancing all over this motherf*ing keyboard.
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