I'm working on the final designs for Sunngifu and Aki tonight, as well as drafting my entry for next week's Moodboard Monday. (Even if it's ultimately really not connected to the story thus far.)

[Image: tumblr_pd9wqfJXHb1xnxngco1_1280.jpg]

I'm not really sure which poses go with the ~aesthetic~, though.
You really managed to capture the look of that time Paladin

The first chapter, which is apparently going to be posted in four parts because I am an absolute glutton for punishment and wrote 3200-ish words and have a bunch of pictures.

(these pictures aren't even properly lit and stuff; i will edit that. ugh. but i posted something.)
OMG... this are the sims? They look so different! Your pics and sims are unique! I'm following, ofc! ♥♥
(08-18-2018, 09:36 PM)hafuhga Wrote: OMG... this are the sims? They look so different! Your pics and sims are unique! I'm following, ofc!  ♥♥

I mean, I'm pretty sure it's the Sims? Unless, like, I'm secretly playing some other game that some gremlin has installed with the same icons and other things as TS3? /joke

I am still very bad, I think, at pictures, so this is encouraging to hear!

ETA: Wait, no, the moodboard picture up there is just Pre-Raphaelite (and other movement) art that I think works with the characters. Um, my real pictures are VERY crappy.
Hi, everyone.

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, there--I'm an academic librarian in real life, and the new semester starts Tuesday (egads), so I've been a bit busy and haven't had much headspace for writing.

With the semester starting, and with my days a little freer (since I'm the night librarian), I hope to start posting story content again soon.
No worries, sometimes life gets in the way (awesome job though!) Big Grin Looking forward to seeing more posts Heart

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Redoing my character's face designs...since the new semester starts tomorrow and I got new default skins after being very capricious and getting rid of all my old CC a week ago. 

Here's Sir Wulfric Not-Appearing-In-This-Story. I'll probably add him to the graveyard so we can see if his genetics actually show up in later generations. 
[Image: tumblr_pei76noM611xnxngco1_1280.jpg]
(I know, he looks a LOT like Wulfstan used to! I think they might actually have had the same base know, that one with the black hair with canary yellow highlights.)

Here's my remodeled Agnes Crumplebottom, who's been edited a few times and is now going by Eadgyth. Agnes/Eadgyth will not be appearing in this story, but she's Wulfstan and Godgifu's mother. 
[Image: tumblr_pei7mmVxs11xnxngco1_1280.jpg]
(If I ever show my edited Agnes, this is her hair color.)

Here's two pictures where we reveal Wulfstan's new face and hair color. Like Nancy Drew, he's a strawberry blonde; unlike Nancy, he's awful. I decided he was a very cute child who nobody said no to.
[Image: tumblr_pei88xmGsA1xnxngco1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_pei88xmGsA1xnxngco2_540.jpg]

Subsequent pictures will be added shortly. This post is rather large already!
Your Agnes makeover has such a beautiful face Heart

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
I'm glad you shared Eadgyth with us, if she's not going to be appearing in your story. She's lovely!
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