[ALL] Lookbook Challenge - Winter Spice - November 18
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I was inspired by Create-a-sim to do more regular 90s styling for Courtney, but I feel like I've just followed a trend again Lol

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Here we go! I based the outfit on the stuff teenage girls in my town wore back then. Dungarees and colorful t-shirts. And of course, dark lipstick shades.

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Ah bleached denim, neons and a blunt bob. Nailed it Big Grin

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OK, so if you had asked for 80s stuff, I'd have totally known what you meant. But I didn't know the 90s had a "style" as such. [Image: fear2.gif] Prob'ly because I was having kids in the 90s and I was wearing tents for clothing (unlike nowadays), so I have NO idea what folks were actually wearing! Ha! This thread is enlightening. Wink

EDIT: Ooo, ooo! Just want to say, I DID have the blunt bob in the 90s! Yay me! [Image: JC-hysterical.gif]

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Oh I love her, create a sim! I wanna make a Sim using that hair now!
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My inspiration was the part of the 90′s in Europe where there was lots of Grunge, Metal, piercings, tattoos, Kohl eyeliner, music festivals full of incense and dope, trips to Christiania to buy said dope, Dr Marten’s boots and showing off the latest 70′s clothing you had found in the second hand shop….  Tongue
Holy crap, I love her :O !! Amazing job!

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(10-06-2018, 02:37 PM)Hellfrozeover Wrote: Holy crap, I love her :O !! Amazing job!

Thank you so much, my lovely!!! Big Grin Heart
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It's that time of year again! Show off your sims' best costumes, whether they're skimpy, scary or a bit of both!

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Oh my, she looks amazing, ninja!

Hoooraaaaay for 'this time of year' !

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