[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
There was a promo video included on the CD for SimCity 3000. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it! I always used to wish I could know more about the little sims living in SimCity, so it was a dream come true for me. There was no release date though and the internet wasn't yet as big a thing as it is now, so it didn't occur to me to look it up online. So I would just kind of check the shelves every time I was near a games store and then finally one day, it was there! I was 18 when I started playing, possibly not even quite 18 yet.

I bought it myself but my dad installed it on his PC too. He lost interest pretty quickly but I have to credit him for discovering all the custom content for TS1 and starting my addiction. I didn't have the internet on my own computer at the time, so I'd use his, download a whole bunch of stuff, put it on a ZipDisk (am I the only old person who remembers those?) and then put it into my game. I don't play TS1 any more but I'm still playing TS2 and just recently started out with TS4 as well.
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