[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
I like this thread! This is one of the sims I love to know about other simmers!
I went to a shop and asked for a game without violence (it was good the shop assistent didn't know one can kill the sims on game or maybe I wouldn't have bought The Sims then. My girls loved it but I had ot help a little so we played the tutorial together and I thought them how to build the houses... but they only loved to play and decorate and aske often for me to build their houses. Of course we bougtht TS2 and they played more often than with the first one... I also built the houses but started to play too because TS2 was so much funnier than The Sims. At some point the girls didn`t play anymore and , because I had no more "excuses" I went on hiatus too! And never told anyone I missed it! As I read about TS3 I couldn't help myself anymore and bought it, just for me! Maybe it was a good thing World Adventure didn't work well on my pc! The worlds were empty! Because of it I looked for help in the official forum and googled about it, till I found a solutiion and many other things! Only then I noticed there were also "older" people playing the sims and tryed to talk with them... I also learned there were stories, tutorials, CC... and what not... only 2013 posted my first story an builds. Before I allways played alone... with a bad conscienc... because no women/mother I've know was playing on the pcs. One of my daughters started to play again, after she got married and became a kid... and now there are already 3 grandkids that love the sims! The oldest is 10 yeaars old, than 7 and 6. There's also a fourth grandkid... but she is nearly one year old... has still some years before she started.
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