[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
Oh, that's so lovely that your whole family loves to sim, hafuhga!

A friend introduced me to Sims 1, shortly after it was published. I found it peculiar but the time management! That drove me away after a while. But then I read the announcement for Sims 2, got it immediately and played it since. Even after Sims 3 was published I said - No, Sims 2 forever! Big Grin Oh well. There are still things I miss from the Sims 2 (Soap! I want to put soap in public fountains! And the business of course, the social relationship system, but I digress). Also at first I thought - why are there only stupid houses everywhere for download? Who needs houses?! I was happy if my sims could live in boxes. Sim life was exciting enough! Ignat_01 Now you know my darkest secret...
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