[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
My best friend had The Sims installed on her parents computer, and when I went over after school on icky days we were allowed to play. Shortly after, I convinced my mum to buy me the bas game, then a few years later, I got all the expansions as a Christmas gift. I was 7 when the game was released, and I've been playing it since.
Sims 2 my dad and his girlfriend had, I didn't even know it existed for a while. I remember being allowed to play while his girlfriend was out, at the time, the only expansion released was University. Again, my mum caved and bought it for me. I found my best friend in high school thanks to being ditched by one friend and Sims. xD
I told my friend about Sims 3, but neither of us had money for it. When we went on a school trip to New York City, she bought the game, and my mum bought it for me the day we came home from the trip (even though it was cheaper in the states, I wasn't allowed to buy it there). It didn't work on my mum's computer, so I had to wait until I bought my laptop when I was 16 to play it on my own.
I do own Sims 4, it was a Christmas gift when it came out. But I'm not the hugest fan of it, though I must say I do love toddlers in it.
I'm half hoping my son ends up liking it. But at the same time, I don't want him to. I want it all for myself. xD
Everyone's stories are great! Norn your dark secret makes me chuckle xD

I used to play SimsTower (OMG I loved that game) Simcity and Simcity streets. My favorite was building a city and then going cruising in it! I would put down lots of residential areas because for some reason that generated cows that I could mow down with my car and they'd moo and bounce off the roof LOL it was messed up but really funny. As much as I loved these games I was never seriously any good at them (but I was like... 10). I remember seeing sims 1 but didn't think it sounded interesting. Ok so... you can watch people do things they do in real life already? Meh.

When I was 17 I left home and was living with a friend. We were talking about games one night (her brother is a big gaming nerd) and she was surprised I'd never played any of the actual sims games. She had most of the sims 2 disks so she installed it and let me try it out and I was hooked! I have always been creative and had a lot of my own stories and characters, so naturally I ignored premades and made my own characters. I remember I would build these enormous lots! Whole towns of enormous lots FILLED with sims! It's a miracle the game even ran LOL. I also played almost totally vanilla because the concept of mods totally eluded me.

When sims 3 came out I resisted for ages xD I loved ts2! But when I bought my first gaming laptop (RIP Morgoth) it was about the time they released ambitions and the idea of non rabbithole jobs really intrigued me so I had to buy them. Then before I knew it, it was like candy. I had to have all of them! I still played for several years before I figured out that sims 3 online communities were a thing. Then mods and cc. I'm still convinced that's what ended up killing my laptop lmfaoooo
I just choked on my juice when I read your cow comment...how have I note heard of sim tower Lol ?

Kadience - I totally get wanting it for yourself though Big Grin I want my friends to play more, but at the same time I'm glad that they don't, so they don't follow my Tumblr antics Big Grin

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(08-06-2018, 04:54 PM)Hellfrozeover Wrote: I just choked on my juice when I read your cow comment...how have I note heard of sim tower Lol ?

Kadience - I totally get wanting it for yourself though Big Grin I want my friends to play more, but at the same time I'm glad that they don't, so they don't follow my Tumblr antics Big Grin

Oh man simtower was the shit.
[Image: SimTower_Coverart.png]

You got to build one big, INSANELY tall tower and fill it with elevators, stairs, residential, hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, even a cathedral (only on the 100th floor and nothing above it - resulted in all my towers have a devil horn look because after lvl 100 they would branch out on either side Rolleyes ) You'd see little pixels that are people scurrying around, you'd see them complaining because they have cockroaches or something. Or like me, forgetting to put stairs in and then everything catches on fire LMAO the sims couldn't use the elevators in emergencies so the fire department is like... piled in the lobby with no way to get to the fire and upstairs it smells like baking sims Shy 

[Image: Simtower.gif]

It was just, ugh, so much fun xD They redid the game later but it wasn't nearly as fun.
I believe the first sim game I played was SimCity2000 when I was about 8. Of course I had every town destroyed by the UFO on purpose when I got bored with it  Big Grin I played it only a few times though, since my family didn't had money for a computer back then and I only played when I visited a neighbour's kid. Some years later we got a PC and the base game of The Sims. I never got really into it though. I was about 10 and I was more interested in books than computers back then  + I didn't really know how to play Rolleyes

I REALLY got hooked when my school friend got TS2 some months after its release and invited me to see the game. I was like "WOW, so many options!" and immediatelly borrow the base game (and later on every other expansion) from her to install on our family computer. I had limited computer time so couldn't really play much, but when I finally got my own PC.
I played TS2 until I got a new PC for my 18th birthday. I decided since it's a better hardware I'll try TS3. At first I didn't really like it, but after some time of playing I fell in love  Heart
Oh my gosh, these are all so entertaining! But that SimTower.... [Image: JC-hysterical.gif]

Well, I ain't no youngin', that's for sure.  Wink  I was 38yo when TS2 came out. Before that time, I had walked by those TS1 packages in the stores for 4 years and turned my nose at them! Especially "Hot Date"! [Image: laugh1.gif] I was a total prude and I couldn't even imagine the evil that lurked in those disks...

Well, just before TS2 came out, my oldest daughter was 13, my second was 11, and my third was 8. My son was 3yo.

We'd bought a Nintendo Gamecube for the girls. And one of the cutsie little games I got hooked into was "Animal Crossing". You could fish and harvest and weed and sell stuff and all of that meant that you could buy bigger and better things for your little house! I loved it. Wink

One day, I saw a commercial on TV for TS2. It showed a living room being re-decorated in many ways! I saw it on YouTube quite awhile ago - this one is similiar, if not the same (old brain and all...):


My inner interior decorator's heart fluttered! What was this? Something that was far more detailed and exciting than the decorating in Animal Crossing???

I fell for it all. Hook, line, and sinker. [Image: sarcastic.gif]

I'm pretty sure that was in the first year, if not the first month(s), of TS2's release. The game has been my "hobby" ever since. I figure it probably costs less than many hobbies I could have, makes FAR less clutter than most, and it's still a great creative outlet for my inner interior decorator's heart, my paper-doll loving younger self, and my love of stories and fairy tales. Wink

14 years later, my girls are young adults, my son will be graduating next June, and I'm still hanging in there with the series. [Image: wink3.gif] I am probably one of the very few consistant TS4 players here on this forum, but once I chose to make the transition whole-heartedly, I realized there are many things to appreciate about this newer generation of the game.

It has brought back some of the fun and quirkiness that I loved from TS2. It has improved many areas of building (while horribly leaving some out, like terrain forming and the colour wheel, I know...). But the positives have out-weighed the negatives for me. Honestly, it doesn't matter what generation of the game you play - if you want your sims to look a certain way, there is CC all over the WWW that will make it happen, even in TS4! [Image: sarcastic.gif]

I have embraced the new art style and truly do love it now. It seemed horrid at first, but to be honest, I don't want my Sims game to be "Second Life" - or so realistic that I lose more of my sense of reality than I already have. [Image: spitcoffee.gif] I love it that it looks drawn and comical and not totally real in most areas. And even just yesterday, I laughed out loud to myself about something that happened in the game with a sim. That is what I love and what seemed to be rather lacking for me in TS3 for a large part.

OK, this is a novel. Time to move on. I hope you had a cool drink (or hot one, depending on when and where you are reading!) to get you through this! And if you got through all the way... Kudos. [Image: JC_goody.gif]

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So, WebbyMom also started like me, as a mom, nice to know! It was so lovely and warming to read about the the different experiences. I must say, it turned out much more than just a game because I discoverd an escape for my imagination. Before I outed myself as "addicted simmer I even didnt know I had stories to tell. Though I suppose I I told already stories to myself, in my head ... just called that the "reasons" to build this or that way... till I found the stories in the forumi... and discovered I had something to say or wanted to share my builds with kindred people... I was really surprised then... because it was the first time I wrote somethhing imaginative, after school. I never stopped since then, Or... I should rather say, when I stop, is it due to lack of time ... not of ideas or will. But that you all know! Smile
I started off playing Simcity - as an adult. Loved killing off my sims and getting that message, "You do realize that your city will be completely destroyed if you proceed with nuclear annihilation?" (Or some such nonsense). Hello! That was the point of dropping the bomb on their whiny little sim behinds in the first place!
Anyway, some of the guards at the jail where I worked as the medical provider for the inmates, tried to talk me into trying The Sims, but I told them it wasn't for me because well...no tornadoes, firestorms, space invaders or nuclear annihilation. (They forget to tell me that there were other fun ways to off sims). I mean Date Night....really? So, I held off trying the game.
Then - about one month before the Sims 2 came out, there was a big sale for all things Sims 1. So - in a moment of weakness - I bought all the expansions, etcetera, for TS1. Played it for about 1 year, then started getting TS2 stuff.
Loved the Sims 2 - especially all those notices "You do realize that this IS a life simulation game, yes?" Or, "Now that you have killed off all the adults in this household, the children are destined to a life of drudgery in the Sim Orphanage, eating gruel and freezing their tiny, pixelated behinds off." Good times! Plus, that version was just so quirky.
I held off buying TS3 for about 6 months - mostly because I was still enjoying TS2 and also, because EA had royally screwed up a brand new computer I had purchased right before Bon Voyage was released with that whole Securom mess. So, was not really all that trusting toward EA. (Still not). But I liked the idea of a open world. Missed all the quirkiness of the first 2 versions of the game, but TS3 is visibly beautiful. Sometimes I catch myself, just staring at a scene, thinking, "Wow! Just wow!"
Have not moved on to TS4. Yet. Maybe in the future. But I'm kind of burned out with buying all the expansions and stuff crap games - then having to do it all again in a few years. Plus, I like the whole open world concept. I thought they should have had that from the get-go. So, that will be hard to give up. But, I'm guessing I eventually will - when my current computer croaks. Since games have a bad habit of not working as computers and operating systems change. (Still miss some of my old Simcity games.)
Anyway, for the time being, I continue to kill sims. In fact The Sims Daily started an entire thread, creating sims, just for me to kill. They said it was to help populate empty worlds, but I know better.
(08-09-2018, 06:50 PM)samkat Wrote: I started off playing Simcity - as an adult. Loved killing off my sims and getting that message, "You do realize that your city will be completely destroyed if you proceed with nuclear annihilation?" (Or some such nonsense). Hello! That was the point of dropping the bomb on their whiny little sim behinds in the first place!
Big Grin  It was the same for me
Me too Big Grin I loved the disaster options!

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