[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
Everyone's stories are great! Norn your dark secret makes me chuckle xD

I used to play SimsTower (OMG I loved that game) Simcity and Simcity streets. My favorite was building a city and then going cruising in it! I would put down lots of residential areas because for some reason that generated cows that I could mow down with my car and they'd moo and bounce off the roof LOL it was messed up but really funny. As much as I loved these games I was never seriously any good at them (but I was like... 10). I remember seeing sims 1 but didn't think it sounded interesting. Ok so... you can watch people do things they do in real life already? Meh.

When I was 17 I left home and was living with a friend. We were talking about games one night (her brother is a big gaming nerd) and she was surprised I'd never played any of the actual sims games. She had most of the sims 2 disks so she installed it and let me try it out and I was hooked! I have always been creative and had a lot of my own stories and characters, so naturally I ignored premades and made my own characters. I remember I would build these enormous lots! Whole towns of enormous lots FILLED with sims! It's a miracle the game even ran LOL. I also played almost totally vanilla because the concept of mods totally eluded me.

When sims 3 came out I resisted for ages xD I loved ts2! But when I bought my first gaming laptop (RIP Morgoth) it was about the time they released ambitions and the idea of non rabbithole jobs really intrigued me so I had to buy them. Then before I knew it, it was like candy. I had to have all of them! I still played for several years before I figured out that sims 3 online communities were a thing. Then mods and cc. I'm still convinced that's what ended up killing my laptop lmfaoooo
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