[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
I believe the first sim game I played was SimCity2000 when I was about 8. Of course I had every town destroyed by the UFO on purpose when I got bored with it  Big Grin I played it only a few times though, since my family didn't had money for a computer back then and I only played when I visited a neighbour's kid. Some years later we got a PC and the base game of The Sims. I never got really into it though. I was about 10 and I was more interested in books than computers back then  + I didn't really know how to play Rolleyes

I REALLY got hooked when my school friend got TS2 some months after its release and invited me to see the game. I was like "WOW, so many options!" and immediatelly borrow the base game (and later on every other expansion) from her to install on our family computer. I had limited computer time so couldn't really play much, but when I finally got my own PC.
I played TS2 until I got a new PC for my 18th birthday. I decided since it's a better hardware I'll try TS3. At first I didn't really like it, but after some time of playing I fell in love  Heart
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