[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
Oh my gosh, these are all so entertaining! But that SimTower.... [Image: JC-hysterical.gif]

Well, I ain't no youngin', that's for sure.  Wink  I was 38yo when TS2 came out. Before that time, I had walked by those TS1 packages in the stores for 4 years and turned my nose at them! Especially "Hot Date"! [Image: laugh1.gif] I was a total prude and I couldn't even imagine the evil that lurked in those disks...

Well, just before TS2 came out, my oldest daughter was 13, my second was 11, and my third was 8. My son was 3yo.

We'd bought a Nintendo Gamecube for the girls. And one of the cutsie little games I got hooked into was "Animal Crossing". You could fish and harvest and weed and sell stuff and all of that meant that you could buy bigger and better things for your little house! I loved it. Wink

One day, I saw a commercial on TV for TS2. It showed a living room being re-decorated in many ways! I saw it on YouTube quite awhile ago - this one is similiar, if not the same (old brain and all...):


My inner interior decorator's heart fluttered! What was this? Something that was far more detailed and exciting than the decorating in Animal Crossing???

I fell for it all. Hook, line, and sinker. [Image: sarcastic.gif]

I'm pretty sure that was in the first year, if not the first month(s), of TS2's release. The game has been my "hobby" ever since. I figure it probably costs less than many hobbies I could have, makes FAR less clutter than most, and it's still a great creative outlet for my inner interior decorator's heart, my paper-doll loving younger self, and my love of stories and fairy tales. Wink

14 years later, my girls are young adults, my son will be graduating next June, and I'm still hanging in there with the series. [Image: wink3.gif] I am probably one of the very few consistant TS4 players here on this forum, but once I chose to make the transition whole-heartedly, I realized there are many things to appreciate about this newer generation of the game.

It has brought back some of the fun and quirkiness that I loved from TS2. It has improved many areas of building (while horribly leaving some out, like terrain forming and the colour wheel, I know...). But the positives have out-weighed the negatives for me. Honestly, it doesn't matter what generation of the game you play - if you want your sims to look a certain way, there is CC all over the WWW that will make it happen, even in TS4! [Image: sarcastic.gif]

I have embraced the new art style and truly do love it now. It seemed horrid at first, but to be honest, I don't want my Sims game to be "Second Life" - or so realistic that I lose more of my sense of reality than I already have. [Image: spitcoffee.gif] I love it that it looks drawn and comical and not totally real in most areas. And even just yesterday, I laughed out loud to myself about something that happened in the game with a sim. That is what I love and what seemed to be rather lacking for me in TS3 for a large part.

OK, this is a novel. Time to move on. I hope you had a cool drink (or hot one, depending on when and where you are reading!) to get you through this! And if you got through all the way... Kudos. [Image: JC_goody.gif]

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