[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
So, WebbyMom also started like me, as a mom, nice to know! It was so lovely and warming to read about the the different experiences. I must say, it turned out much more than just a game because I discoverd an escape for my imagination. Before I outed myself as "addicted simmer I even didnt know I had stories to tell. Though I suppose I I told already stories to myself, in my head ... just called that the "reasons" to build this or that way... till I found the stories in the forumi... and discovered I had something to say or wanted to share my builds with kindred people... I was really surprised then... because it was the first time I wrote somethhing imaginative, after school. I never stopped since then, Or... I should rather say, when I stop, is it due to lack of time ... not of ideas or will. But that you all know! Smile
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