[ALL] How did you first get into The Sims?
I started off playing Simcity - as an adult. Loved killing off my sims and getting that message, "You do realize that your city will be completely destroyed if you proceed with nuclear annihilation?" (Or some such nonsense). Hello! That was the point of dropping the bomb on their whiny little sim behinds in the first place!
Anyway, some of the guards at the jail where I worked as the medical provider for the inmates, tried to talk me into trying The Sims, but I told them it wasn't for me because well...no tornadoes, firestorms, space invaders or nuclear annihilation. (They forget to tell me that there were other fun ways to off sims). I mean Date Night....really? So, I held off trying the game.
Then - about one month before the Sims 2 came out, there was a big sale for all things Sims 1. So - in a moment of weakness - I bought all the expansions, etcetera, for TS1. Played it for about 1 year, then started getting TS2 stuff.
Loved the Sims 2 - especially all those notices "You do realize that this IS a life simulation game, yes?" Or, "Now that you have killed off all the adults in this household, the children are destined to a life of drudgery in the Sim Orphanage, eating gruel and freezing their tiny, pixelated behinds off." Good times! Plus, that version was just so quirky.
I held off buying TS3 for about 6 months - mostly because I was still enjoying TS2 and also, because EA had royally screwed up a brand new computer I had purchased right before Bon Voyage was released with that whole Securom mess. So, was not really all that trusting toward EA. (Still not). But I liked the idea of a open world. Missed all the quirkiness of the first 2 versions of the game, but TS3 is visibly beautiful. Sometimes I catch myself, just staring at a scene, thinking, "Wow! Just wow!"
Have not moved on to TS4. Yet. Maybe in the future. But I'm kind of burned out with buying all the expansions and stuff crap games - then having to do it all again in a few years. Plus, I like the whole open world concept. I thought they should have had that from the get-go. So, that will be hard to give up. But, I'm guessing I eventually will - when my current computer croaks. Since games have a bad habit of not working as computers and operating systems change. (Still miss some of my old Simcity games.)
Anyway, for the time being, I continue to kill sims. In fact The Sims Daily started an entire thread, creating sims, just for me to kill. They said it was to help populate empty worlds, but I know better.
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