[TS3] PP World Custom Content Thread
I love these, Raven! And I think it would be a fantastic idea to have these as paintings (they will make fab paintings) and in other formats in the game  Big Grin
I would still like to keep the cc to a minimum. So if we can make use of some of them as default replacements in the world I'd prefer that. Thinking especially of 3, possibly 8, 9-12. I'f never seen 4. 6. 7 or 11, are those EA?

That doesn't mean that you cannot offer it as standalones. If that makes any sense to you? Connie_she-moose
They're all EA, 3 I think are store content is all (I'd be cloning it ofc no matter what). I'm not sure how well default replacements work in TSRW but I will give it a try, hopefully it doesn't bungle things for us. I'm going through and cloning some signs now to see what images fit on what items (in terms of general shape and dimensions). Do you want me to edit the images on some of the light post signs? There's a lot version and a world version Smile I think it would be cute if we could find the right images for it.

ETA: Thanks everyone! I'm glad they're so well received so far! I think the extra effort for simlish signs is well worth it Big Grin

First sign is a success Smile

[Image: tumblr_pd5423xDSk1sbu9t6o1_540.png]

[Image: tumblr_pd5423xDSk1sbu9t6o2_540.png]

This is the library sign override that adds two presets to the file. I'll be making a collection file for easy locating in game, as it's not immediately obvious since the presets I'm adding are not the first ones you see.
Yes, great start already!

For the default replacements I just need the .dds-files, I will import them directly into the world-file. No full object required.
Will that work with the extra presets though? This isn't a basic sign recolor, it's a stencil overlay on two new presets.
They are really lovely ! Can we appy some to the walls? That would be also great.!
(08-08-2018, 09:06 PM)hafuhga Wrote: They are really lovely !    Can we appy  some to the walls?  That would be also great.!

I do indeed plan on making a few as wall art Smile
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