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Hey all, I know many of you here are TS3 players, but for those who play TS4 and find they are missing some good carpeting in the game, I've started to make a few sets. Well, 3 sets so far. LOL But I really needed some good carpeting with colours that I know I'll (mostly) use, and they are very hard to find for me. So I dug in and re-learned how to re-colour stuff in TS4, and I now have three carpets that I am happy to use in my game. Wanted to share here in case there was someone here needing this kind of thing as well. Wink

The most recent creation as of today: my basic Plush Carpet, which comes in 24 colours.

[Image: plushfeat01.jpg]

My other fairly basic carpet, which I call "Imperial", also in 24 colours.

[Image: imperial-feat-blue.jpg]

And my Patterned Berber. Not as many colours, but it's sure great in a family room or rec room! Wink

[Image: berber-feat-green.jpg]

to get all the details and download links. Big Grin

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Carpets!! I don't know what EA were thinking when they made the original TS4 carpets, but your ones are lovely Smile

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Yup, I agree a 100% with HFO there and am really happy to see you sharing your awesome carpets. YAY!
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