[TS2] How to get ts2 up and running!
Here I will post resources and tips for getting ts2 to launch and run smoothly on a newer PC, plus the hacks (like windowed mode) that everyone needs for their sanity. Stay tuned Big Grin

So you want to play ts2, but you have a newer and better PC on a newer OS than the recommended settings? Never fear, it can be done! And it's easier than you'd think Wink

What you'll need:
  • game install, whether through disks or the UC collection on origin.
  • If you're using disks you will need the Securom Removal Tool but the UC collection has it scrubbed from its files with an update from Origin.
  • Sims 2 nocd hack, while supposedly not required, your game will have an error and crash if you don't use this. Don't worry if it gets flagged as a virus, something about the exe reaaaally upsets security stuff. If you're worried, I will send you mine.
  • The Sims 2 Graphics Rules Maker - this thing is amazing. It automatically detects your hardware and will write a new graphicsrules for you. We'll go over how to use this soon.
Step one: install your game as you normally would.

Step two: replace the original exe with the no CD version. Find the correct filepath, for instance mine is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSBin
Cut the NOCD exe and paste it in here. Tell your computer you really mean it when it complains, because it doesn't like alterations made in program files.

Step three: Install and open sims 2 graphics rules maker. Select the right game, it should detect your install automatically. For better instructions on how to use this, go to this forum thread. Note that you don't need to turn off shadows in this, setting it to medium in game will get rid of the black boxes. When you're finished making your new graphicsrules, hit 'save files.'

Step four: Now to make your game launch in windowed mode, go to the shortcut you're going to use to open your game. Mine is on my desktop, so I right click on it and go to properties. In the target section you want it to look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSBin\Sims2EP9.exe" -w
So the normal game path already there, a space and then -w for windowed mode. To launch it in a specific resolution -w (and another space), add the option -r<resolution>... for example, -r800x600 or -r1024x768 or -r1280x1024. 

[Image: Windowedmode02.jpg]

Your game should launch without any issues.

I'll go over the 4GB patch and reshade next, plus bodyshop and cc/mods.
Copied from a post by Marasims on tumblr:

For help with pink flashing issues

Tip#1: Make sure to check that your Graphics Card is listed in the Video Cards.sgr files in your Sims 2 installation folder! If not, use the Graphics Rules Maker , add your GPU to the list and double-check that it HAS been added there (I had problems with this and had to do it manually in the end!). Make sure to copy the new Graphics Rules AND Video Cards files to both folders in the installation location (Config and CSConfig).

Tip #2: Make sure that you have to correct texture memory amount assigned for your game! If you haven’t already, run DxDiag on your computer ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028644/windows-open-and-run-dxdiagexe ) , click “Save all info” on the bottom and save it on your desktop. Open and check your Display Memory under “Display Devices”. That Display Memory is the amount you need to change for your Graphic Rules-files. See Leefish post for more info: http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=7909

[/url]Tip #3: If you have applied the “4 gig patch”, make sure that it is working properly.  Check your Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Logs folder and open a file called “COMPUTERNAME-config-log”. If the memory under “Machine info” (top of the list) is anything less than 4000MB (mine says 4096 MB), the patch hasn’t been fully applied. Jessa shows in this VIDEO how to download AND fix the patch: https://youtu.be/-0iwuLZyjMg

Tip #4: Especially if you are playing on Windows 10, make sure to do the Memory Allocation Fix that Jessa shows in the video above! You NEED this! This fix also helps Windows 7 users!!

Tip #5: (Not sure if this is necessary after applying #4, but I did it before I fixed the memory leak issue and didn’t have any crashes after that either) Make sure your Virtual Memory amount is set high enough in Control Panel > System > Advanced settings > Advanced tab > Performance settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory. Set the custom amount for your main drive to be 25,000-30,000 and click “Set”.

=== Thanks so much to Gina for this tip!===
Check out Jessa’s post on ModTheSims for more links and important information: http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=610641
I’m listing here all the tricks I did both for you guys and for myself aswell, in case I need to go through this whole thing again at some point in the future (after switching Graphics Cards, which thankfully won’t happen in a few years!). Hopefully it’ll be useful and helpful for you guys!
Special thanks to Jessa, Gina and everyone on Leefish forums for all the useful information and tips on how to fix the graphical problems!
Now, on to more Sims 2 livestreams!!!


EDIT// Even after applying all the tips above, the flashing pink glitch and the crashing that followed came back to my game after few days. If you continue to have these issues despite of applying the changes above, try these methods! (My game has FINALLY stopped crashing and flashing after I tried these and made permanent changes to the game itself!)

——– IMPORTANT! Watch THIS VIDEO to learn about the flashing pink issue and apply one or more of these tricks:

Tip#6: Use “boolProp UseShaders false” to stop the flashing (I’ve added this to my userStartup.cheat file so it will stay on automaticly, especially since I have certain neighborhoods that will always flash pink in the neighborhood view… *cough* Clayfield *cough).

Tip#7: Delete the game thumbnails from your Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Thumbnails.
——– If you start getting the flashing pink glitch while playing on a lot (can happen especially if you’ve been running the game for a long time), save and exit the game and delete all thumbnails before restarting the game.
I delete the thumbnails almost every time before I load up the game, just to be sure.

Tip#8: Change your settings in-game to match the ones shown in the video above! (Shadows: off, Lighting: medium, view distance: medium) This will help prevent any further issues.
reserved for reshade tutorial

For now reshade seems to be broken because of an origin update.
(08-11-2018, 10:50 AM)acquiresimoleons Wrote: [*]Sims 2 nocd hack, while supposedly not required, your game will have an error and crash if you don't use this. Don't worry if it gets flagged as a virus, something about the exe reaaaally upsets security stuff. If you're worried, I will send you mine.

What do you mean by 'error & crash?' Do you mean on startup or just being buggy and crash-y in general? I wonder if this was my problem...  Huh
I mean it will crash xD it might not crash right away, but it WILL crash. The noCD hack is essential.
Thank you! One day... I will do this!
Thanks for all this! I have my game up and running just fine but I'll be coming back here when I inevitably have to get a PC with Windows 10.
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