[ALL] Keeping the game fresh!
I guess that we all go through periods of either not playing or feeling rather bored of our games. When this happens, I'll often try out a challenge or play a save without thinking about photographing everything, although I'm trying to avoid making loads of new saves as that plagued my TS3 gameplay.

What do you all do when you're trying to make your game new and exciting again  bear ?

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It usually does the trick for me, to just make a new Sim. Doesn't matter if I am intending to play or just take pictures of that Sim, it usually makes me happy and motivates me, to open my game a bit more often.
Challenges and promptlists and stuff like that, also really help! I am so excited, that Halloween is coming up and that there are so many new Spooky promptlists on tumblr. I actually already started taking pictures for one of them, lol.
I made 2 saves for my 2 grandkids (the girls).... one with all premades from TS4 trailers (she loves them) the other with cute sims and lots (Disney princesses aso) Now I also must make one for the boy. With pirates, starwar, maybe steampunk too.....
I had to... because I hated how they treated my dear pixel people! ;D
Ohh I can imagine cringing watching someone else torture my poor sims...I feel your pain!

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