Hello everyone! Big Grin

I'm simmingisamust and I found out about this forum through tumblr. I've always been more of a forum person, I can't really keep up with all that's going on at tumblr lol.

I hardly call myself a TS3 'player' these days since I don't actually play the game haha. I enjoy creating sims, editing pictures and also building/decorating. Sometimes I recolour cc for personal use. I also write stories but I don't share them.

TS2 will always be my favourite game. I never got TS4 because I didn't like the cartoony style, but it has grown on me after seeing other people's screenshots. I just don't see it work with my wn simming style so I stick with TS3. Wink
Hihi! Welcome to the forum Smile I think a lot of us have ended up more as sim photographers than players Lol it's still fun though! I hope that you enjoy your time here Heart

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Hi, nice to meet you! Would love to see your builds and decorations, I'm more a builder than player myself Smile
Aaaaaaah! YAY! Hello hello hello and welcome! So happy you have joined us!  Big Grin Heart
Helloooo, thank you everyone! Big Grin
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